Friday, 16 January 2015

Makeup Revolution Viper Mascara

Makeup Revolution the Viper mascara
Makeup Revolution Viper mascara wand

No mascara

Makeup Revolution Viper mascara, 1 coat

Makeup Revolution Viper mascara, 2 coats

Makeup Revolution Viper mascara, straight on with full makeup

MUR Viper mascara, from the side

In the past I've not had great experiences with cheap high street mascaras.  My go-to high street option has always been either Maybelline The Falsies, or Max Factor Clump defy, both fantastic products.  So when this landed on my door step, priced at £3.00* I had some reservations.

I hastily unwrapped it, photographed it (as every blogger does before they use their makeup!) and applied my first coat... at this point, I wasn't overly impressed. My lashes looked ok, nothing to write home about.  After letting it dry, I went and added a second coat, this is where it really came to life. It gave my lashes great volume and decent length, but mostly, it darkened them and just made them look fuller, which is what I really look for in mascara as I have quite long lashes anyway.

In all the times I've used this (lots!) I haven't had any crumble off onto my cheeks, giving it great staying power too.  While it may not be the best mascara I've tried, it's certainly the best that I've tried of that price bracket.  That may not seem like quite an accolade, but it really is.  Their counterparts, i.e. MUA, Beauty UK, NYC etc have pretty rubbish mascaras, in my opinion, they're certainly nothing I'd replace, but this I would.  For £3 it makes a great budget alternative for when purse strings are particularly tight.  It's also a little different to you're everyday mascara in that the wand is shaped like a cobra head.  It's also not made up of rubber bristles, but normal ones, lots of them :)

Oh and if you're wondering what I used to create the look I'm sporting, it was the Makeup Revolution Euphoria palette in Bare, it's a really pretty palette, my full review of that is here if you wanted to take a peek :)

Next time you're at the Makeup Revolution stand and you're looking for a new mascara, perhaps give the Viper a try :)
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*This post contains PR samples


  1. This seems like a good mascara for the price. I don't like spending a lot on mascara as it runs out really quick and you have to replace it in no time at all. x

  2. Oooh this looks really good and has a real impact - its always amazing when you find a product that actually works (hate being let down) and I love a good mascara - thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

  3. The 2 coats picture is soooo much improved from the 1 coat picture. I'm pretty glad you tried to make it work :)

  4. I still haven't tried anything by this brand! I probably wouldn't go for the mascara normally but this does look good on your lashes xx

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