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Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brow Wiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Brows before using Anastasia brow wiz

Brows after using Anastasia brow wiz

As you can see, I haven't been blessed with full brows, even dark brows, they're light, sparse and whispy.  This means to have any kind of definition, they need help, whether that's from a brow powder, wax or pencil.  It's only in the last couple of weeks I've rediscovered my Anastasia Brow Wiz (in the shade Brunette) which I bought some time ago on Cult Beauty (£15.50).

I find it works best on groomed brows - I've started trimming mine on the edges when the hairs get long, that's when it works best in my experience - otherwise I tend to prefer a powder.  However, in an effort to keep my brows trimmed, this is working best for me.

The bad blogger in me hasn't photographed the pen with the lids off - but basically one end has a brush to comb through the brows when they're done, and the other end is the product, a small twist-up pencil.  You can see the massive difference it creates, just filling in my brows.  I don't feel I go over the top, I just try to work with what's there, filling it in and adding some shape and definition, hopefully along the lines of what my brows would be like if they were more normal.

I'm not really a fan of the 'drawn-on-brow' look, but I do like to look like I at least have some brows - I feel that filling them in really helps to frame the face, and the eyes.  This is really easy to work with, the product is the perfect balance of being firm, but not hard to work with, and it's not too soft that you'll over apply product.  Once you've filled them in, if you're looking for a slightly more natural look just run the brush through them which will soften the look further (I didn't use the brush in the picture above).

This has become a go-to brow product for me which I'm certain to replace when it's finished, for me, it's worth every penny of the £15.50 I spent on it. What's your favourite brow product?


  1. I also have very sparse eye brows :( I've been using for years the Rimmel eye brow pencil and I'm wondering how much better can be the Anastasia Brow Wizz. I'm really tempted to try it but £15 seems a bit too steep for what it is :( x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. I love this pencil, also Kevin Aucoin in Brunette is brilliant if you are looking for an ashier brown shade. I have strawburn in Anastasia as I was dying my hair auburn but now I am back to my natural light brown it's too warm sadly. I find you can get a really natural effect. Looks lovely on you. I would say the main difference with this pencil is you can get very precise strokes and also it doesn't take on an oily or waxy appearance throughout the day.

  3. I just got this pencil about a month ago and I'm in love! I don't think I can ever use a different product!

    Mikayla :)

  4. I haven't used the Rimmel one so I can't compare - maybe that's something I need to pick up for my £15 high street challenge in March? What exactly is it called and I'll add it to my list :)

  5. For me, with dying my hair red, this is the perfect brown I think :) Thanks :) Yeah, I really like how precise and natural this pencil is, I love it :)

  6. It's fab isn't it!? I'm using it every day :)

  7. I love love the Brow wiz from Anastasia I use it all the time in the color dark brown. I have used other brown pencils but this one is my favorite :-) great review!!

    Leslie xoxo

  8. It's just the Rimmel Eye Brow pencil, I don't think they have any other. It would be great to see what you think of it :) Thanks!

  9. I seem to go for budget brow products (currently using the Maybelline Brow Satin) but it would be interesting to pick up a high end one for comparison xx

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