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Lee Stafford Argan Oil - Nourishing Miracle Oil

Lee Stafford Argan Oil - Nourishing Miracle Oil
About 2-3 years ago, brands discovered argan oil and it started hitting our shelves in one form or another.  Now the dust has settled, some really great brands are beginning to emerge with their blends of argan oil - this is where Lee Stafford comes in.

The Lee Stafford Nourishing Miracle Oil is part of a series that's been released, embracing the goodness that's in argan oil.  In Lee Staffords offering, you get 50ml of product for £11.99* - it comes packaged in a box, and the bottled has a pump dispenser.  What I like about the dispenser is that for me (long hair) 1 pump gives me the perfect amount for my hair - so often these give too much (but never too little!) - and with something like this, less is more, since it's an oil!

Argan oil has great healing properties for hair, as it does for the skin, making it a great everyday treatment.  What I love about this is the feeling and finish it gives my hair, it's like... you know when you go to the salon, and after they've finished with your hair it feels lightweight and flyaway, but with a weight to it and bounce?  Well, it does that to my hair, makes it feel light, but with weight to it. It also smells really good - probably the best smelling argan oil I've tried.

Price-wise it compares to a lot of high street brands, maybe slightly more than some, but then in my opinion, it's nicer than your typical jump-on-the-bandwagon brands - this actually feels like it's a treatment for my hair and leaves it feeling lovely.  I can't speak about what the other Lee Stafford products are like in this range, as this is the first Lee Stafford product I've ever tried - but based on this I'll definitely be trying more - the shampoo & conditioner from this argan oil range is now firmly on my wishlist :)
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  1. Lee Stafford is one of my favourite haircare brands, their products all smell divine. I love hair oils like this, they're so nourishing xx

  2. I was eyeing up their Argan Oil hairspray the other week, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend. This bottle is good value for money compared to some other brands xx

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