Monday, 2 March 2015

Creating your own blog planner | #HillarysCrafternoon

Cute cupcake pin cushion

Hillary's blinds materials

Materials from Hillary's blinds

Handmade stitched book cover

Little bird we sewed

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon at Chapter Arts Centre here in Cardiff with a bunch of other lovely bloggers, crafting.

We were invited to have a crafty afternoon with Hillary's Blinds to cover a book, and sew a little bird, all things I can get into (they've even blogged about it here) :)  I was sat at a table with a mixture of bloggers I've met before, only spoken to online and that I'd never met - a lovely mix :)  As you would expect, everyone was super lovely and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The first thing we made was a fabric cover for a book, a bit like an exercise book.  There were sheets of fabric (fabric from Hillary's blinds) which we were able to pick from as well as a selection of ribbons and buttons etc, in case we wanted to decorate the fabric after.

To create the cover, simply place the book so the spine is in the centre of the fabric.  Fold over the flaps at the bottom and top so you have a nice crease on the outside.  Then fold over the flaps on the left and right twice, folding it over the edge of the exercise book.  Then stitch each corner so they don't unfold.  Once that's done, the cover is finished! Unless of course you want to decorate it - I added a ribbon and 3 buttons :)  I'll be grabbing my washi tape and turning the inside into a blog planner for this blog, my mummy blog and YouTube channel - so hopefully my posts might be a little better thought out :)

We also stitched the little bird from a simple pattern too - I haven't done much sewing in the past so this was really good fun - I made a couple of mistakes along the way, but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed.

I loved the quality of the materials too, they were all pretty soft and not as starchy as I'd have imagined blind fabric to be - thanks for inviting me along Hillary's :)



  1. That little bird is so cute!

    Sophie x

  2. What a great idea and they look so pretty too!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wow this sounds amazing =]

  4. I thought this was supper cute and a really great idea , thanks for sharing love :-)

    Leslie xoxo


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