Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Five Favs #2 | Blushers

Five Favs - Blushers

If you recall, last month I started a new blog series called #FiveFavs, I didn't commit to how frequently I'd be writing instalments, but that they'd have different themes.  Well, this time it's all about blushers, and the ones I reach for the most.  I must admit, I do reach for more than this 5, but I had to limit it somehow, otherwise it'd be an endless post.

1.  NARS Dolce Vita*
I absolutely adore this blusher, it's pretty much matte and a beautiful deep berry tone, which is typically my favourite shade to wear on my cheeks.  The quality is fantastic - just as I like in a blusher, not crazy pigmented like Sleek blushers can be and other similar ones, but nice, and easy to work with and blend on the cheekbones.

2.  Sephora blusher in Healthy Rose
This really is a very pretty shade, and perfect for spring.  It's sort of a soft peachy-coral with a hint of pink and a bit of a duskyness to it.  It's also completely matte, which I love - sometimes I love a matte blusher, as it looks really natural, and other times I love having a shimmery cheek, but this is a blusher for natural looking cheeks.

3.  Smashbox blusher in Chiffon
This really is a gorgeous shade, very similar to NARS Orgasm.  It's rose gold with a nice shimmer/sparkle.  I wouldn't call it a dupe as it's pretty much the same price, but if you didn't want to buy the NARS one, for whatever reason, this is a great alternative.  It's a great texture, nicely pigmented and very, very pretty on the cheeks.

4.  Eddie Funkhouser blusher in Peep Show*
This was in a Wantable makeup box some time ago.  I'd never heard of Eddie Funkhouser before and haven't since, but this blusher is something special.  Yes it's a bright pink, but it's pigmentation balance it's great, not too much and not too sheer, and it looks really pretty on the cheeks, almost like you've just come in from outside.  And, it's matte, so a winner for me.

5.  MAC Mineralize blusher in Gentle
The newest blusher in my collection and the one I've been wearing almost every day for the last 2-3 weeks since I've had it.  It's leaning towards berry-toned, and has a soft goldish shimmer, but it's not rose gold, which I like.  I feel like too many blushers have jumped on that bandwagon in the last couple of years, it's nice to see a shimmery blusher that's a bit different.  This sits on the cheeks beautifully, looking soft and 'gentle' with a very soft shimmery glow.

So there's my top 5 blushers as the 2nd instalment of my #FiveFavs series.  I have quite a few others planned, but if there's any you'd like to see, like foundations, palettes etc, anything really, just leave it as a comment below :)
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*Some of these blushers were PR Samples


  1. Do you think you can compile a list of drugstore blushers too? It would be very helpful for me. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. I'm really impressed with my ELF baked blusher and it was so cheap. I need to expand my blusher collection though as I just end up wearing the one.

  3. Absolutely! I didn't even realise I'd picked all high end blushers! Would a non five-favs post work for you? Perhaps a '3/5 fab high street blushers' or something?

  4. Elf blushers are great and their baked ones aren't crazy pigmented, which is a good thing :) I am thinking of making my £15 high street challenge an Elf one this month :)

  5. An ELF challenge would be really good!

  6. These are very pretty - you chose a nice mixture of shades! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  7. Yes, any of those will work, Georgina. I'm a 90% drugstore makeup girl so I would appreciate it. Thank you so much. xx

  8. wowww these are my favorite too !

  9. Hey lovely - you ask and you shall receive! http://www.makeup-pixi3.com/2015/03/noteworthy-high-street-blushers.html

  10. I really want to try a Sephora blush, I constantly browse the Sephora website lusting over them! I just can't justify the shipping cost to the UK at the moment.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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