Friday, 20 March 2015

Makeup Revolution | Give Them Nightmares palette

Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution

Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution pans

Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution swatches

Dramatic Evening Look

Dramatic look created using the Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution

Evening look created using Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution

Wearable Day Look

Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution

Day look using the Give Them Nightmares palette from Makeup Revolution

[Each of the above looks were created using the same 3 colours - The Hunger (all over the lid), Wicked (outer half) and Beyond the night (outer V and crease)]

I've had this palette in my mitts for some time and haven't gotten around to photographing a look wearing it until today.  Greens are pretty much my favourite colours to wear, and purples.  So I thought I'd focus on one colour set in the palette to create my look - and I picked green.  I am a little surprised though that it's photographed pretty grey - my mother-in-law said it does look pretty grey on the lids too in real life (I think it looks quite green, but maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see).

This palette was launched in time for Halloween last year, it's packed with deep dark colours, some with glitter, some are shimmery and the bottom row are all mattes.  All the colours are really well pigmented and work well together.

Going back a couple years ago this would have been more of an every day palette for me and not one for more dramatic looks, however I tend to reach for what's easier and more fool-proof now, which is neutral shades - bringing the focus onto the eyeliner and mascara.  I liked the quality of these - I did start with an eye shadow primer, and then a matte skin coloured shadow all over the lid to give a nice even base.

For the every day look I created, I did struggle a little to get a more muted look with decent blending, I found that I had to add more shadow to get a smoother finish, so creating the every day look was a little more challenging than the dramatic look.  What I like is that I created both with the exact same shadows, and in the same places - one was full on and one was toned down - it's amazing how different they are, with the same colours in the same places.

All in all this is a nice palette - but I would suggest saving it for more dramatic full-on looks as subtlety isn't a word I'd use to describe Give Them Nightmares.

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  1. That is definitely a palette for the brave

  2. I think it looks green in the night look and grey in the day look. Both are gorgeous though! xo

    Anastasia | Dainty Desires

  3. Love these palettes =]

  4. I have this palette, its one of my favorite revolution ones as the colors are lovely and dark x

  5. What gorgeous colours! I never tend to get on with eye makeup (sensitive skin) but if I did I'd try this one xx

  6. There is no denying the shades are beautiful, I just wouldn't personally use them x

  7. the shades are really beautiful and pigmented so this seems like good value for money, but i imagine if i bought it i wouldn't use a lot of the shades at least not on a regular basis - great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  8. Nice shades but I'm probably not one to use them

    Jenna |

  9. Yeah it's funny how they look different :)

  10. Yeah it's great isn't it - really dramatic !

  11. They're great aren't they - SO pigmented!

  12. Yeah they're not easy shades to pull off for sure - more of a 'night look' palette :)

  13. Yeah - it's more of a special occasion palette I think :)

  14. Yeah - it's not what I'd reach for day in day out :)


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