Thursday, 5 March 2015

Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup | Black Velvet palette

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup Velvet palette velvet cover

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup Velvet palette - back of palette

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup Velvet palette

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup Velvet palette shades

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup Velvet palette swatches

Eyes open using the Velvet palette

Eyes closed using the Velvet Palette
Following on from the faux fur adorned palette that Makeup Revolution | I <3 Makeup launched a week or so ago, they've today released a velvet palette which is predominantly mattes.  

After experiencing the mattes in the fur palette, I was a bit nervous about how well pigmented these would be.  I think the problem with the faux fur palette is that the matte shades that were in there were on the lighter shade, and lets face it, light mattes are never going to show up well on my pale old skin!  The true test is the darker shades, and I have to say, the darker mattes in this palette were decent, as you can see in the swatches.  In fact, I liked the formulation - they were what I'd describe as smokey.  I actually really like the effect of them under the eye to smoke out the look, nicer than shimmery shades.

As you might expect, the shimmer shades in this palette are awesome, there's 3 of them to pick from: a beige, a brown and a grey - perfect for a smokey eye.  The mattes are nice quality too, apart from the pale shades which aren't bad, but they don't show up that well on my skin, however, they do work nicely as a base shade to build on and add colour to, sort of giving you a blank matte canvas on which to craft your look.

I'm actually looking forward to playing around with this palette more, creating some deep, dark, smokey looks using the right hand side of the palette.  It's always a challenge to create a nice look with matte eye shadows when you have lids as bumpy as mine! :)  I always like a challenge!

You can pick this up on the Makeup Revolution website for £7.99 from today.

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  1. I love the shades in this palette, I like how you've done your eye make-up :) x

  2. It looks like another good palette! I really like MR eyeshadows and have too many palettes from them but at some point it seems like there is no more unique shades in them, they already have them in previous palettes :) But great review! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. This looks lovely! The top and bottom row in particular look like they've got some pretty amazing shades!

    Rachel |

  4. Yep, they just keep knocking them out!


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