Monday, 23 March 2015

MeMeMe | Goddess Rocks

MeMeMe Goddess Rocks

MeMeMe Goddess Rocks on the cheeks
//Excuse the imperfect skin - I don't believe in photoshopping my images//

I must be honest, I'm not typically one for any kind of shimmery bronzer - however, these are a little different.  The MeMeMe Goddess Rocks come in a pretty, grey cardboard pot, with a wedge of foam to keep them in place and stop them getting smashed up.  They cost £12.95 and fantastically, they haven't been tested on animals, yay :)

They're very sparkly - made up of 3 different shades - a bronze, a rose gold and a highlight beige shade - swirled all together they create a gorgeous soft shimmery bronze colour.  They're designed to be used on cheeks, cupids bow, decolletage and any other areas you want to create that bronzed goddess look.  Personally, I just used them on my cheek bones by dabbing a very fluffy brush in there (Real Techniques blusher brush) and applying it to my cheeks - I actually really like this look if you're going for dark or sultry eyes and a nude lip gloss - I think it creates a very glamourous dewey look.  I can see these sitting well in a makeup artists kit too as I think they add a gorgeous glow to the skin - but be warned, it is easy to overdo it with these. 

While these may not be something I reach for on a daily basis, I do think they have a place in my collection - other than looking beautiful, they do look gorgeous on the cheeks and work beautifully as a highlight and on top of blusher to add an extra dimension.

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*Post contains a PR sample


  1. 'Excuse the imperfect skin - I don't believe in photoshopping my images' - oh, you have no idea how much I love that caption! Everyone is imperfect and that makes us all special <3 are these a bronzer? the name confuses me a little, it looks nice on though xx

  2. haha glad you liked that bit :) Yeah I'm not a fan of when people blur their skin out - it's so artificial! Well, they're like a bronze highlighter. Not dark like a normal bronzer, lighter.

  3. I agree, what's the point of that when you're trying to show off what's on your face?xx

  4. Highest respect to you, Georgina in not believing in Photoshopping your images. You have no idea how much respect I have for you now and I wish more bloggers are the same.

    About the product, at first glade I thought it was candies. LOL! Love the shimmer though, I think it's quite lovely.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Aww thanks lovely :) Yeah I never photoshop my photo's - the only things I ever do is crop them, and occasionally brighten them or adjust the colour if when photographing they come out really yellow or blue :) NEVER airbrush or anything like that though :D

    Haha yeah I can see how it's like a candle :) Yeah it's a lovely product, like I said, I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but I'm glad it's in my collection :)

  6. I've seen these around. I think the quality of shine is so far off from Guerlain Meteorites, but it's a good enough dupe, I suppose!

    <a href="“>Beauty By Tellie</a>

  7. I can't say I've seen the Guerlain Meteorites in real life so I really can't compare :/


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