Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Neve Cosmetics | Aqua Brush Set

Neve Aqua Brush Set

Neve brushes in the pouch

Neve brushes lined up

You might recall I mentioned the other day about how I have a some Neve reviews coming up, well this is one of them (duh!).  Today it's all about makeup brushes - specifically the Aqua Brush Set - a brush collection perfect for travelling with.

The set is made up of 7 high quality brushes, 2 for the face, and 5 for the eyes (3 of the overall brushes being duo-fibre).  The brushes are small, with short handles which is why I think this is a great set for travelling - they don't feel cheap or plasticy, but solid and well made, and you've just got to love that colour!

The brushes themselves are really nice quality too.  the shader brushes are quite firm, which I really like, making applying eye shadow very controlled, I don't feel like I'm going to get loads of fallout, it means I can apply eye shadow very precisely.  The blending brush and crease brush are lovely too - the crease brush is also quite firm, what I love about that is how easy it is to control applying shadow through the crease and outer V.

The face brushes are lovely too - I haven't used them to apply foundation yet - I just can't tear myself away from my F80, however I have used them for powder and for blusher and they applied both beautifully, especially the blusher.

This lovely set is €24.90 which is about £18.23 at the current exchange rate - so about £2.60 a brush, bargain! I love the pouch they come in too - it has a zip at one end so you could use it to put some other products in - it is quite small though so you won't get much in there - maybe some q-tips and cotton pads :)

This is a lovely set from Neve, my first time in trying their brushes and I've been as impressed with them as I have all their makeup I've tried so far.  They're a great brand, and cruelty free, a winner in my books.

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  1. I love the aqua colour! I use real techniques brushes, they're the only ones I've ever used so I don't have much of a clue but they're so much better than applying with fingers haha xx

  2. The colour is gorgeous isn't it :) Ah, well, Real Techniques are fab brushes - I'd say these are as good, just different :)

  3. Ooh these look gorgeous! I can't believe they're so cheap (per brush!).

    Emily//Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. They're lovely aren't they :) Yeah when you break it down they're very affordable :)

  5. This looks perfect for traveling and I love the colour of them. x

  6. What a pretty little set and ideal for traveling. Could really do with this next week, everything you need there.

  7. These are so cute =]


  8. They really are, and such a lovely quality :)

  9. Yeah they're lovely aren't they :)


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