Saturday, 21 March 2015

Neve Cosmetics | Manga Brows

Neve manga brows

Neve Manga brow pencil with the lids off

If you haven't heard of Neve Cosmetics before, well then you should have! They're a fantastic Italian brand which pride themselves on being cruelty free.

If you've ever seen my brows before makeup, you'll know they need a little help each day to look finished, natural and put together.  They're thin, sparse with little shape, and they're much paler than my hair.  So every day when I put on makeup, my brows HAVE to be done.  I'm not overly fond of very heavy overdone brows, I much prefer them to look more natural, but well groomed and shaped. Recently I've been using my Anastasia Brow Wiz, but given how expensive that is, I'm in the market for a more purse-friendly alternative, and proper pencils aren't something I'd tried yet.

You can pick this up for €8.99 (which is about £6.99 in UK money).  It's a double-ended pencil with 2 slightly different colours at each end, and inside the cap of the one end is a brush to soften the look once you've filled your brows in.  I picked the shade 'warm blonde & soft brown' I think this was the closest to my natural brow colour.

The lighter colour is designed to outline your brows, and the darker shade to define and fill them out - I love how innovative this is!  I also love that their products are free from parabens, silicone and any animal bits (yuck).  

I love how natural they make my brows look, I think I got the colour match just right - it's definied, filled in and given my brows depth.  The actual pencil is quite firm too, which is what you'd expect from a brow product, otherwise it could all get rather messy!

Brows before being Manga'd!
Naked brows
 Brow's after having the Neve Manga pencil run over them
Brows complete with Neve Manga Brow pencil

I really do love Neve products, their eye shadows are amazing quality with innovative colours, and generous pan sizes - I've actually got another couple Neve reviews up my sleeves for you coming soon :)  In fact, over the last couple of years I've reviewed a few different pieces from Neve like their powder foundation, Elegantissimi neutral palette, Pastello eye liners and mineral eye shadows - I'm afraid the pictures aren't exactly to my current standard - just click on the links to read my reviews :)
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  1. I've done my eyebrows all of once ever, it's something I really want to get into doing but I'm worried about doing it wrong/looking surprised/them looking too dark! :p xx

  2. You shouldn't worry :) Just practise at home when you're not going out - you can always wipe it off with some makeup remover and start again :D


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