Saturday, 14 March 2015

Shopping the stash | March

So I kinda missed this last month (naughty blogger!), I did still shop the stash I just forgot to blog about it.  A couple weeks ago I went through my collection once again and picked out a few new products for me to re-discover, products I've previously used and liked, but didn't use enough (maybe only once or twice).  Here's a more detailed look at what I picked:

1.  Witch anti-blemish pressed powder
This item I won in a #FlawlessFollower(?) promotion on the Witch twitter account, but I never got around to trying it as I was always trying out another powder.  I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and well, it's ok.  It sets my foundation well giving me a pretty matte finish.  I just think for me, it can look a little cakey after being on for a few hours, and I really do only mean a little.  I didn't find it controlled my shine that well either.  I'm afraid to say, as much as I like Witch products, this isn't one I'd re-purchase.

2.  Urban Decay Flushed palette
There's just something about Urban Decay formulas that I really love - they're such great quality, really standing head and shoulders above their competition (in my opinion).  I love their 'Naked' range, especially since growing to love nude/brown shadows so much.  This I'm shopping the stash with more because of the highlighter in it, then secondly the blusher.  I probably won't use the bronzer as it tends to be a bit dark for me, what with being so pale.

3.  Urban Decay Naked lip gloss
I used to wear so much lip gloss, but as I got older, the hair getting stuck in the gloss became such an annoyance I stopped wearing it. Well, this month I've been trying to wear it again, albeit only every now and then.  This is such a lovely shade too, it looks so pretty on the lips with the naked palette.

4.  Elf mineral eye shadow in Sweet
This is a really fine mineral eye shadow, very sparkly/shimmery (not glittery).  Personally, this isn't a shadow I'd wear all over my lids, however, this is amazing just dabbed on the centre of the lid when wearing the Naked 3 palette as it's pinky toned - it really adds a highlight to the centre of the lid and makes the look really pop.  I'm looking forward to using this again :D

5.  Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple
I had this in with a Christmas swap with Laura from A Scottish Lass.  It's a really pretty red, not massively pigmented (in line with the other lip butters) but lovely and buttery :)  I really am trying to wear more lippies, I just fail so hard at it! lol

6.  Tara Tarantino kohl eye liner
This came in a Wantable makeup box last year and I didn't really give it the time of day.  However, since adding it to my shop the stash products I'm absolutely loving it.  It's very soft, and very black, it also stays put really well, at least, the way I've been using it.  When I'm putting my eye makeup on, I tend to apply it straight away, then when the look is finished, I re-apply it and it stays put really well.
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  1. I've never tried any of these products, but I have always wanted to try the Urban Decay lipglosses and the Revlon lip butters!

  2. I have the lip butter and I love it :)really wanting to get my hands on Naked flush palettes :)

  3. I have Candy Apple too! You can make it really pigmented if you layer it on a couple of times :)


  4. Shopping your stash is such a great idea, its amazing how many products get overlooked. I always wanted the Urban Decay Flushed palette - in fact I still do. Its so compact & I love all the shades in this cheek kit!

  5. Really want to get my hands on the naked flush palette! Looks gorgeous

    Jenna |

  6. It's so true! Something I'm doing every month this year - and should every month, every year really :)

  7. With the lip butters I tend to prefer to wear them a bit sheer :) Thanks for the tip though :)

  8. They're really good and long wearing (UD lip glosses)


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