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Yves Rocher | Smoky Eye Challenge

My Yves Rocher smoky eye challenge

The products used

I was recently challenged by the lovely people over at Yves Rocher to create a smoky eye look using their products.  Not one to shy away from a challenge I thought I'd step up and see what I could come up with.  The only thing I didn't know until I opened the parcel was what colour eye shadows I'd be getting.  To my delight they were green (one of my favourite colours to wear).  I thought instead of just creating a look and going 'tah dah!' I'd do a bit of a step-by-step tutorial on how I created it too, that way you could try to recreate it if you wanted to :)  

This is pretty much the way I create most looks - as in light colour on inner third, medium shade on outer two thirds, and dark colour on outer v and blended into the outer third - then blend it all together :)

Before I get into the tutorial I thought I'd talk a bit about the products I used.  I prepped my skin with my usual base, my Bourjois Radiance Reveal foundation, setting it with Witch Anti-Blemish pressed powder.  I used my Anastasia brow wiz on my brows and that's it.

I've used Yves Rocher makeup products quite a bit over the last year and have always liked them, they're a decent brand with some lovely quality makeup.  I was pleasantly surprised just how good the eye shadow primer was (£12.50*), given how oily and hooded my eye lids are, it takes quite a lot of work to get eye shadow to stay put on me and this did the job well - at least 6 hours with no movement at all.  The eye shadow quad in the shade brilliant green (£25*) was like the others I've used, really nice quality, well pigmented and very blendable - I like how these colours weren't boring, there was a nice combination of brightness, darkness, matte and shimmer, a beautifully balanced palette.

The kajal liner (£15.90*) was great too, slightly on the waxy side, as opposed to being crazy soft, which I actually prefer as it tends to stay put better when it's more waxy (I find).  That being said, it blended really well with a fluffy brush when used under the eye too.

The mascara (£22*) was lovely, I actually reviewed this quite a long time ago (you can read my review here).  Their signature reservoir on the volume vertige works really well to grip the lashes, coating them well with mascara, giving them great definition and volume.  All in all a really nice mascara.

Here's how I created the look:

After applying the primer all over the lid, apply the lightest shade over the inner third of the lid, and the inner corner

Next apply the green in the bottom left of the palette, over the outer two thirds of the lid, concentrating on the outer corner

Then take a fluffy brush and blend, blend, blend - blend all over the lid, and especially the outside edges so there are no sharp lines

Take a straight brush or liner brush and apply the same green colour to the outer half under the eye and blend

Next take the dark green matte shade (bottom row right) and apply that to the outer v and outer third of the lid

Take that same dark green and smudge it out the outer third of your waterline, to join up with the dark green on your lid

Apply the kajal to the waterline, and just underneath smudging it through with a fluffy brush

When you've blended all the shadow apply a liquid eyeliner, I used the Bourjois liner pinceau in black, but use whatever you're comfortable with

Add two coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes - I'm using the Yves Rocher Volune Vertige mascara in black

The finished look :)  I hope you the look I created - I tend to wear darker eye makeup and always have, so to me, I'd be happy to wear this out in the day, but I know that's not for everyone :)

I really like Yves Rocher makeup, I think they're lovely quality and I've been pleasantly surprised by some of their pieces more than others.  I think some of their products could have slightly nicer packaging for the price, but the quality of the actual products is on point.
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*Post contains PR samples


  1. Thank you for such a clear step by step tutorial, Georgina and that is such a pretty palette and honestly love the eye makeup that you created. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. You're welcome lovely - yeah it's a gorgeous palette :D

  3. Thanks Rosy :) I love green for a smoky eye :D

  4. amazing step by step tutorials. The shades suit you a lot! What a gorgeous look x

    EricaRosa Blog


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