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Fee from Makeup Savvy

Let me take you back to last month, I started a blogger series where I interview successful fellow bloggers (last month was the lovely London Beauty Queen) in the hopes of uncovering some of the secrets to their success, and you know, a bit about them too :)  Well, this instalment I have none other than the lovely Fee from Makeup Savvy - the very blogger that created the iconic #bbloggers hashtag!!!!

1.  Can you remember what first inspired you to start blogging?
I first got inspired to blog about interiors when doing up my first house and I would seek out inspiration from blogs like Madeby Girl and Design Sponge. But after my house was complete the blog dwindled and that's when I discovered beauty blogs and videos! I mainly read Lipglossiping at the time and thought "I could do that!" so I did!

2.  How did you feel when you published your first blog post?
I actually mentioned Charlotte from Lipglossiping in my first blog post and must have tweeted or commented on a blog post, as she left me my first ever comment!! So I remember feeling pretty elated at that. 

3.  Have you ever thought about venturing into YouTube?
I have but it's always been with the thought of money in mind and not that I think I'd enjoy it. Which is why I don't think I'll ever do it as you need to have some passion behind what you're doing. The reason I don't think I would enjoy it mainly stems from reading the comments on beauty bloggers videos I love and seeing such negative and often dumb statements like "I don't like your hair" or "You were so paid to do this video - unsubscribed". I think comments like that, if I got them, would grate on me majorally! Also I'm quite self-conscious as it is and would hate watching myself back to edit the videos, though I'm sure I'd get use to it!

4.  What do you love most about blogging?
Without a doubt the photography! I took a year course in Photography at college and loved it back then but really couldn't see a use for it other than as a hobby. Now I get to do it most days and be as creative as I want. I love how a blog post looks with bright, put together photos. 

5.  What would you say is the best moment your blog has brought you so far?
Oh, that is a tough one as I'm not really one for putting myself forward for things or taking opportunities; I just love the day-to-day feel of blogging. But seeing my name and blog in a few magazines now has been pretty great! I'm sure I will keep the magazines I've been featured in forever!

6.  What do you find your most popular content to be?
At the moment we seem to be going through a 'blog tips' trend where every blogger and their instagram-worthy pet has something to say about blogging and how it should be done. I actually love this and I'm so glad that they are my most read posts. However makeup storage posts or collections will forever be my most popular posts.

7.  If you hadn't found blogging, what job would you see yourself doing?
It would have to be something creative and probably self-employed. I'd like to think it would be in interior design as I did dabble in it before blogging and loved it. That, or a Prop Stylist!

8.  Is there one tool or platform that's really helped you grow your blog?
For me it's been a mix of everything - being active on Twitter, getting 'pinned' on Pinterest and being featured on different websites/blogs. But Bloglovin' in the past few years has really grown my readership. I don't really have any tips on how to gain a lot of followers on there but if you haven't claimed your blog, then do! 

9.  Just for fun - tell us something most people don't know about you.
Another tricky one! Not overly interesting but a few years ago I taught myself to remember things really well. So if someone gave me a list of say 40 objects I'd be able to remember them in the correct order and even recite the list backwards a few days later. It's only really handy for shopping lists and phone numbers though!

10.  Lastly, what are your top 3 tips to new bloggers looking to make their marque?
Pick a blog name/url that will grow with you. Be consistant with how much you blog - even if it's once or twice a week, keep it up. Get to know other bloggers by leaving blog comments (no spamming!) and on Twitter or Facebook. 

Don't forget to head over and say hi to Fee and thank her for her lovely interview - thanks Fee!!!! And how amazing is it that she taught herself to remember things so well!

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