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My Home | The little things

By 'the little things' I don't mean Squidge :)  However, if all goes to plan you will be seeing a lot more of him on here :)  That aside - my home is FAR from being finished, tidy or perfect - life when you have a baby I'm afraid - but there are little touches throughout the house that I really like - so as much as I'm not showing any photo's of complete rooms, here's some of the little things from around my home that I really like :)  One day, we'll be in a bigger house and I'll be able to style it how I like it, and less cluttered!

After seeing this lovely phone on The Black Pearl Blog and knowing we needed a new phone, we bought this from Flamingo Gifts - our digital cordless phones have always been useless, whether we've spent lots of money on them or bought cheap ones, they've all been naff - so we decided to go back to a hard-wired phone and thought this retro phone was perfect.  The colour is more of a darker green than in the picture.

Retro phone

Some nesting dishes I picked up from Next ages ago - we use the biggest dish to keep our keys in
Key dish

The lamp from my old desk, before we turned our spare room into a nursery - this we bought from IKEA
IKEA lamp

We recently realised that we didn't have a clock in the lounge, annoying! So when I was in Sainsburys last I picked this up.
Sainsburys clock

Years ago our inlaws went on holiday (can't remember where) and they brought this back for us - it's so pretty.  I have it hanging from the curtain rail in the lounge just by the stairs, it's so pretty when the sun catches it
Sun ornament

See :)
Light through an ornament

I also have bunting up around the house - this is the set in the lounge (I bought it on eBay), I have another set conservatory and a set in the nursery
Bunting in the house

The lamp in Squidge's nursery - so cute! It's really been catching his eye recently, he loves looking at the little owls
Nursery light shade

For a LONG time I've been obsessed with sun, moon, star print and years ago before she passed away, my mum bought this for me for a birthday - I've had it up every since :) (it's china)
Sun and stars ornament

 The light fitting we have in the bedroom - we'd bought it for the landing but it didn't fit, so we put it in our bedroom instead - it makes the prettiest patterns on the ceiling.  And yes, we have glow stars on our ceiling too :)
Light fitting in the bedroom

We have a set of shelves in the bedroom with pretty iron brackets - I like to dangle choice pieces of jewellery from them :)
Dangling necklace

On top of the shelf I keep my perfumes amongst other things.  Another present my lovely in-laws bought was this little witch, she's been dangling off shelves ever since :)
Witch on a shelf

On top of our wardrobe, our soft toys (out of Squidge's reach!) - pride of place is Totoro, my Sooty puppet that I've had for 30+ years and other cherished teddy's
Totoro teddy bear

My bedside cabinet - a mixture of skincare, nail polish, jewellery and baby toys :)
IKEA bedside cabinet

I've always thought our oven is pretty - the dials at least.  I love dressing up the front of it with pretty hand towels and dishcloths

Cute oven gloves
Oven glove

Despite being underwatered, this plant is very close to my heart.  It's a money tree - years ago my mum took a cutting from another money plant and grew 3 small new ones.  After she passed away, my step dad gave me one of those plants.  It was tiny when he gave it to me, and now it's grown into a big flourishing plant - I just need to remember to water it!
Money tree

So there's a sneak peek into little elements of my home, maybe one day I'll share the rest, if I ever get it to a stage that I'm happy with!

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  1. Awww, I honestly love this post, Georgina! Well, I've always been a huge fan of personal posts, it's always nice to know the person behind the blog better. Enjoy these moments of peace while it lasts though, once the little one starts crawling, omg....he will reach for everything and anything and the house will have a trail of destruction. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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