Friday, 3 April 2015

NEVE | Duochrome palette

Neve Duochrome palette

Neve Duochrome palette stunning lid

Neve Duochrome palette shadows

Neve Duochrome palette close up

Neve Duochrome palette top row swatch

Neve Duochrome palette bottom row swatch

Neve duochrome palette on the eyes
// look created using top left green in the centre of the ye, and top right green on outer and inner corners //

This is one seriously pretty palette.  Take the packaging for example, it's reminiscent of pretty unicorns (yeah, no idea why but that's what I think of!).  Then the shadows inside - there's a great range of colours, plenty of greens, pink/purple, neutral and blue, all in decent sized pans, as always with Neve.

The quality of the eye shadows is nothing short of amazing - I mean, just look at the pigmentation of that copper, it's SO buttery and soft, blending beautifully on the lids.  All the shades are seriously lovely, some with amazing duo-chrome effects, some are just simply gorgeous and don't need it, like the copper shade.  I was surprised just how soft these are, it can be easy to pick up too much with some of them (i.e. the copper one!) so you need to be careful.

What I love about Neve is that they're also cruelty free, and suitable for vegans - ok, I'm not a vegan and I haven't made the commitment yet to go cruelty free with my makeup, but I so admire anyone who does - I actually feel like a bit of a hipocrite since I donate to the BUAV every month to fight against such things... Anyway, I'm waffling again!

I'm just so impressed with Neve as a brand - every piece of makeup I've tried of theirs has been fantastic quality, the eye shadows are well pigmented and such a beautiful consistency and the palettes well thought out.  The eye liners are stunning and are different from what you can buy on the high street, just take a look at the green and blue ones I reviewed before - the blue one had proper glitter in it that I hadn't really noticed until I applied it, really really beautiful.

Next time I come into some money to spend on makeup (more than my £15 high street challenge) I really might place a big fat order with Neve to try more of their goodies.

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  1. Wow! The colours look absolutely stunning! And I like the look you created. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Beautiful! This is like a magical girl palette, so bright and shimmery xx

  3. Really pretty colours. How much is the palette? x

  4. Hi Linda, Sorry I should have said in the article - it's about £25 depending on where you get it from :)

  5. Yeah it's really gorgeous isn't it :)

  6. Thanks :) Yeah it's a beautiful palette for sure :)

  7. Wow the colours seems super pigmented, thanks for sharing! x

    Bonnie ||

  8. This palette looks beautiful, so many pretty shades.

  9. That's not bad - think it puts it as less expensive than the Urban Decay palettes? Last one I bought of those was about £40. x

  10. I don't know how but I can also see the unicorn look about the packaging hehe. This looks super gorgeous I love duo chrome
    Rosy |

  11. Wow, duo chromes are amazing x


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