Thursday, 23 April 2015

YoSo Compact | Deep Cleansing System

YoSo Compact packaging

The YoSo Compact

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Settings on the YoSo Compact
A few weeks ago a lovely parcel landed on my doorstep.  Inside were skincare treats (I talk about them in my winter skincare routine video here) and this little beauty, the YoSo Compact. I'd never seen, or heard, of anything like this before. It uses ionic technology to draw out any dirt or impurities that have been left on your skin after cleaning it. 

Things you'll need to get going:
2 x AAA batteries
A clear cleanser (It works best with a water based cleanser as opposed to a cream based one)
Cotton pads

How it works

Ok, so depending on how old you are, if you remember buying blank cassette tapes to record your favourite songs off the radio, they'll you'll probably have bought Maxell tapes? Well, they're the good people behind the YoSo.  It used positively and negatively charged ions to draw out the impurities and dirt in your skin, resulting in a deeper and better cleanse, and cleaner skin.  Now, I must admit, I was dubious over this, I had no idea how effective it was going to be.  I did expect a sound, or vibration, something to let me know it was doing it's thing, but it's a silent technology.  You make sure that your hand is gripping both the metal bars that adorn the sides of it for it to work, select the level you want it on (I have it on the highest setting (4)).  

You take the cover off, place a cotton pad on the black rubber disc, squirt some of your cleanser onto the pad, grab the YoSo Compact by both metal bars and move the cotton pad over your skin.  Beauty Crowd have actually uploaded a really good 2 min demo video on how to use it (that's where I learned what to do with it) just in case my description was confusing!

What did I think about it?

Here's the bit that surprised me.  It really worked! Despite it not making a sound, giving me any real indication that it was on or working, it did work!  After taking my makeup off and ensuring my skin was 'clean', I'd use this, and low and behold, there would be dirt on the cotton pad after going over my skin with the YoSo Compact, dirt that would have remained there otherwise, possibly turning into spots or blackheads.  It didn't break me out, it only left my skin feeling soft and very clean :)

If you're interested in buying one yourself, you can pick them up from Beauty Crowd for £59.99.
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