Friday, 22 May 2015

MeMeMe Lip Glide

MeMeMe Lip Glide

I must admit, I really do love a new release from a brand! I'm a little late blogging about this as it's been out a few weeks now, but MeMeMe have launched a range of Lip Glide pencils. They're available in 5 different shades including pink, nude, berry, red and peach - a lovely range of shades I'm sure you'll agree.

MeMeMe Lip Glide in deep scarlett

They say "Lip Glide's Chunky Pencil Design offers optimum control & precision upon application. The pencil gives unbelievable impact, wear-ability & long lasting effects – welcome to MeMeMe's new generation of colour. Formulated with a matte-velvet finish Lip Glide offers ultra-high pigment for bold, statement lips! Lip Glide has been designed with the just-perfect thickness to the pencil and tip to allow an effortless & precise application."

MeMeMe lip glide on the lips
MeMeMe Lip Glide in Deep Scarlett
Lip Glide on the lips

As much as I usually apply lip products with a lip brush (for a finer and more precise application) with this I tended to apply it directly from the pencil.  The pigmentation was fabulous, in the picture this was me going over my lips once with it.  As it's a pencil crayon, you're not necessarily going to get that crisp line around your lip - you might want to use it with a lip brush if that's what you're looking for and then fill in your lips directly from the crayon.

As for the texture it's pretty creamy, not so much buttery, but not drying either.  It lasts really well on the lips too, giving me hours of wear before needing to reapply.  

You've gotta love lip crayons, they're so convenient and personally I often find them longer wearing than lipsticks, do you find that?

You can pick up the MeMeMe lip glide's online for £6.95* each.
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