Monday, 4 May 2015

Mummy Monday #2

Jeesh, what a week it's been! Not crazy eventful, but it's been tough. Squidge has been teething really badly - the worst so far.  On Tuesday he was literally screaming, crying and whining from 8am until his bedtime of 6:30 - the only times he didn't cry was on the 2 short 30 min naps he had, sad times. We've also had to buy him a new car seat as he had nearly grown out of his old Graco one - we only realised a couple days before hand that he was practically at the limit and needed to replace it, thank god we had an email come through from Mothercare to mention it!  I also can't believe he's going to be 7 months old on Wednesday! I wish it didn't go this quickly!

Wednesday was better, but during the week there was no point where he was his usual ray of sunshine.

Squidge having fun on his play date

Thursday we had mummy club - he loves it there, he gets to look at so many other babies, and he's getting to the stage where he can start to play with them now that he can sit up by himself :) Then on Friday, we had a play-date with one of the mummies and babies from mummy club, they only live a 5 min walk (or less) from the house, so nice and close :)

The worst was Saturday/Sunday - we stayed at our inlays for a board game night - he's usually really good sleeping in different places and different beds, but I think because of his teething he just wasn't having any of it - so at about 1am he was awake and not going back to sleep for a couple of hours.  I had to sit on the edge of the bed and rock him to sleep (twice).  Then he was up super early - my lovely mother & father in-law took him and sorted out the morning feed so the hubby and I could catch up on some desperately missed sleep.

Squidge enjoying broccoli

Well, Sunday was a nightmare - he was super unhappy pretty much all day - he ended up having 3 doses of Calpol (which did seem to help) just to help curb the pain.  As for his gums - his top right gums where his molars are have gone really flat, like the shape of the bottom of the teeth, and they're really white, they're right there under the surface of the gums.  Then, his gums at the front, bottom set, have gone all bumpy, with a tiny tip in the middle - so it looks like those teeth are on the move too, poor little baby, it must be so uncomfortable.

Squidge asleep in his new Joie car seat

His progress is really great - he's sitting up by himself better and better every day - now he doesn't fall over much, it's either if he wants to roll around, or if he over-stretches to reach something.  There's also a play arch we have (this one) that he's started playing with properly.  He was sat in front of it yesterday, picked up a ball from the tube on the side and went to put it above on the arch!!! We couldn't believe it, he knew where it needed to go, amazing! Then we had him stood up there, and he was picking balls up and dropping them on the arch to fall down, so clever!  It's little things like this that we see on a daily basis, little improvements every day.  He also stood up by himself (from sitting on Daddy's knee on the sofa) and nearly managed to pull himself up - he's so close! I'm sure he'll be crawling any day now.

[Beauty Confession - Anyway, I don't want to bore all of you who aren't into mummy stuff and babies, so here's a bit for you - I went on a bit of a haul tonight - you know my £15 high street challenge? Well I might have spent double budget.... yeah, bad blogger.  I then *might* have gone on to Cult Beauty and bought the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade.  Yeah...]

Back to the baby - some tidbits for this week
  • Development wise he's sitting by himself and can stand from being sat (in a chair position)
  • We discovered he loves cauliflower mash with cow's milk
  • He no longer has the first level porridge as it's 35% sugar! No wonder it was his fav!
  • Some of his 6-9 months clothes don't have much room for growth in now (he's nearly 7 months)
  • He's started babbling again 'ba ba' and 'ra ra' - it's THE cutest!
  • Despite being so grumpy on Sunday, we still had some proper giggles out of him by me going za za za za za za at him... the things he finds funny, lol


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