Friday, 1 May 2015

NEVE COSMETICS | DueBaci lip pencil & lipstick

Neve DueBaci lip pencil and lipstick

Neve DueBaci lip pencil and lipstick with the lids off

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a surprise delivery from the lovely people over at Neve Cosmetics in Italy, featuring some of their new releases.  When I opened the pack, I might have squee'd a little bit! Inside were 3 mineral eye shadows from their new Pop Society collection (a collection inspired by the 80s - the eye shadows will be on the blog in the next 1-2 weeks), and 2 of these innovative lip pencils.  Now, I'm not sure if I've had my head in the sand or not, but I've not seen anything like this before.  It's a lip pencil at one end, and a different colour lipstick (in pencil format) at the other end, pretty innovative if you ask me!

The two shades at each end compliment each other pretty well and do have completely different formulations.  The lip pencil/liner is quite dry, which is much like all lip pencils, it has great pigmentation and is pretty soft (but not cray cray soft!).  Then the lipstick end - this was surprisingly hydrating for a pencil, and fairly glossy too (you'll be able to see that in the pic of it on my lips, further down the post).  Again, colour payoff is great, they're far from being sheer!

Neve DueBaci lip pencil and lipstick swatches
 Swatches L-R - pink lip liner, pink lipstick, brown lip liner, brown lipstick

I'm not sure which I prefer, I love wearing bright pink lipsticks, but I'm not sure if this shade is quite 'me'. I do love the look that the redish lip liner gives the look though (I'd applied it first, from the edge of my lip and filled in my lip about half way), there's a bit of a colour pop going on and intensity that the different colour gives it, more definition too.

Then we come to the brown shade - for me, this is very 90s, quite on-trend with the whole Kylie Jenner look, however, it was a little dark for my skin tone as I'm SO pale (if you have a look at my April Favourites YouTube video you'll see it in action!), I think this would really suit someone with more of an olive skin tone, more Mediterranean :)

Neve DueBaci lip pencil and lipstick on the lips in brown

Neve DueBaci lip pencil and lipstick on the lips in pink

As for price, these come in just under £7 each, which is great when you consider you're getting a lip liner AND a lipstick, and don't forget, all Neve products are cruelty free too, and cruelty free is never cheap.  Just a little fun fact, did you know that Neve, in Italian, means 'Snow' so really they're 'Snow cosmetics' - how lovely is that!?  P.S you can read all my previous Neve Cosmetics reviews here.

What do you think of these?
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