Monday, 15 June 2015

Fathers Day Gift Guide

I've not put together a fathers day gift guide before, but this year it's different as we have a baby, and of course, I need to help Squidge decide what he wants to treat his Daddy to for Fathers Day to say 'Thank you Daddy, I love you' :) Awwwww.  Anyway, I have a few ideas, some of which Squidge's daddy is having, and some are a 'this would be lovely' the ideas are split into 3 sections, some for a bigger budget, a medium budget and a small budget :)

The big budget
Giorgio Armani jeans


If you have a bit of a budget to spend, you could really splash out on some special threads, whether you're buying for your dad, or your baby's daddy.  This year, for his first Father's Day, the hubby has some real treats coming his way.  He has a HUGO BOSS Orange brown leather 'Jeppo' belt* - it's a total classic and absolutely stunning, it's currently on offer for £45.50.  He's also got some new jeans, god knows he needs them! I picked the Giorgio Armani Jeans J21's in a dark blue*.  As his legs are SO long (he's 6ft5) it's always a challenge to buy him jeans, so I was really happy to see these came in a long, and a good range of sizes.  These are also currently on offer for £93.30, again, a decent price for proper designer jeans.

The middle budget
Baby footprint on a frame, and thumb print cufflinks

While there are places online you can get this done (you just need to upload a scan of the foot or handprint etc), there are quite a few shops around in different areas that offer to do this as a service. Here in South Wales there's a shop called Lollipops and Ladybirds - it's a coffee shop/keepsake shop where you can get your baby's prints added to either mugs, plates, put in a picture frame, or even, turned into jewellery (I LOVE THIS IDEA!).  Both these gifts are just so lovely and so personal, something to keep forever.  The cufflinks are made out of solid silver, so as you can imagine they're not cheap.  To create them they'd need to create a 3D print (probably in clay), then from that create a silicone mould and from there, pour in molten silver to create the cufflinks - needless to say, they're not cheap as they're labour intensive - but at £99 I think that's a really fair price for what you get. The picture frame is a more purse-friendly £24 :)

The little budget
Photo credit left image and right image

If you're on a smaller budget you could make some presents - these are often some of the best presents because so much effort has gone into making them.  Taking inspiration from the foot-print frame above, you could create foot prints of your baby's feet onto a piece of watercolour paper, and get a frame from somewhere like The Range and frame it yourself, you could do this easily for under £10, and that's including a whole pad of watercolour paper which you could also get from somewhere like The Range.  While you're busy making foot prints, you could also (on another piece of that watercolour paper) do a couple of handprints, just fold the paper in half, and put the handprints on one side - then just write 'Happy Fathers' Day Daddy' on the front and bingo, you have yourself a card!  Alternatively you could do the print straight onto a canvas - again this should only cost a few ££s so a savvy shop :)

I hope you've liked my Father's Day Gift Guide! What are you buying for your baby Daddy or Daddy's this year?
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