Monday, 1 June 2015

Mummy Monday #6

Another week has gone by and I'm now on a 6 week countdown to going back to work, sad face :( As much as I really don't want to go back - I'm fed up of focussing on that.  Instead I'm trying to focus on making the most of the 6 weeks we have left before I'm back and trying to cram in lots of good stuff :)

First rose of the year
Sorry, no pics of Squidge from Monday - for some reason I didn't take any #mummyfail.  I honestly can't even remember Monday - ah yes, it was a bank holiday wasn't it! Ah I remember - we spent the entire day sorting out the loft, exciting stuff! Really not worth expanding on :P

Baby wearing

Tuesday we went to a friends house for a play date - they only live 2 streets away so I put Squidge in the sling to take him there, so much less hassle than getting the pram out and dragging it through the house!  Plus I love baby wearing - as does he!  After we got back home and I got him fed, I'd put a load of washing on which needed to go on the line.  It was a really warm day, so I brought Squidge out with me while I hung the washing up - he was obsessed with pulling the blanket back to look at the grass.

Butter wouldn't melt!
Mummy it's MY toast.

Trying to crawl
Can't really remember Wednesday either - we must have had a quiet day!  He hasn't crawled as such yet, but he's commando crawling everywhere still and very good at it - he can get around the room and to whatever he wants really quickly.  It does feel like he's going to crawl at any moment.  He's the closest he's been to doing it - he gets up on all fours and can either move his hands forwards one by one, or his knees - he just needs to do that at the same time and he'll be off!

Everyone keeps telling me to try and keep him from crawling for as long as possible (due to how exhausting it is when they crawl), but while I will be a lot more tired every day when he does, I want him to do it as soon as possible for his own development.

At mummy club
Thursday I had my infills done on my acrylics and a new colour (how great is the peach for this time of the year?) and it was also mummy club!  We got there really late - Squidge refused his normal morning nap that he has around 9am, so at 11:15 I put him down for a nap and he passed right out (after trying all morning) and he didn't wake up again until 1:30! That's the longest nap he's had since he was a very small baby.  He needed a feed straight away, so we ended up not making it to mummy club until the last half hour - better than not getting there though :)

Napping in the rain
Happy with food
Despite the pictures - Friday was a terrible day.  Squidge was really unhappy (bear in mind, he typically smiles as soon as I get the camera out!) - he wouldn't nap and he wouldn't stop crying - so I whipped him out in the pram on a 2 mile round walk to get him to sleep - he fell asleep within 5 mins of leaving the house (whoop). But even after getting back and getting some food into his tummy he was just really unhappy - we think it's teething, but we've been saying that for a long time.  However, I have noticed on his bottom gums - at the front of the gum (not the top) there are 2 tooth shaped bumps (and now these bumps have appeared on the top set too) - so we think they're imminent! 

Off out for a walk
Saturday the little man and I spent the day at our our in-laws (his grandparents) as the hubby has been working on his OU project all weekend.  I plugged my laptop in and got lots of YouTube editing done and blogging (whoop) while they took care of Squidge (aww).

Squidge playing with his mic

And finally Sunday - Sunday was great! The hubby took a few hours out from studying and we went for Sunday lunch with a couple of friends.  Squidge sat there in a high chair for an hour and a half and was totally content (so cute!), we couldn't have asked for a better baby :)  Then we went straight from there to a 3rd birthday party (these two things are why he was dressed up).

His Daddy did some walking practise with him too - something we don't do enough of - he spends loads of time stood up, but we really need to encourage and facilitate his walking too.  Daddy helped him walk across the room to me - very cute!

The last couple of nights have been pretty difficult trying to get him to sleep - settling him has taken 2 hours and a dose of Calpol, another reason we think he's teething.  Also - if you've enjoyed this post, you might want to head over to my mummy blog - today I've talked about why we've made the decision not to use plug socket covers :)

That was our week! How was yours?

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