Monday, 8 June 2015

Mummy Monday #7

Good evening! I know this is really late in the day - but I just haven't had a chance to write this until now :)  We've had a good week, but once again, I'm struggling to remember everything we've done!

Hoover is dead
As usual, Squidge spent the day with his grandparents.  Monday's are the day's I usually get things done, like washing/dying my hair, blogging, filming YouTube videos - but there was so much that needed doing in the house, I chose to spend it cleaning! Seeing how he's quite mobile now, I knew that hoovering was a priority - it hadn't been done in ages and he's scared of the hoover, so this was the first opportunity I'd had in a while.  The gods were against me though, before I was finished my hoover broke... while I was cleaning the plug in the bathroom sink, it broke (the pin came out and fell down the plug-hole)... I forget but there was a third thing too :P

Cool story bro
Tuesday was a tough day - Squidge really wasn't happy and wouldn't nap. He was super tired but didn't want to know.  Eventually in desperation I called my father-in-law for help - he was going to drive him around for a while to get him to nap, but I ended up tagging a long and heading to Aldi to get some non-bio washing powder for the little man - we use the Aldi one as we've used that since before he was born (on his clothes) so we associate that smell as him - I'd hate to use anything else now :)

Yep, I just stood up, all by myself!
Wednesday was better - he was still fussy and not himself, but he did go from sitting to kneeling (on the sofa) then to standing!  It feels like he's doing so much every day now! I look at these photo's and can't believe what I see, a little boy! Not the tiny little baby who used to sleep in my arms... I do miss those days, but it's also really exciting to see all the things he's doing and learning :)

Thursday morning racing
Thursday afternoon adventures
Thursdays are mummy club, and boy was it a busy day! I'd double-booked the morning - we had dentists at 9, and at 9:30 I was supposed to be having my nails done (at my house) - we jiggled things around a bit and had my nails done at 10 instead. Hubby had the morning booked off (for the Dentists) and the weather was amazing - it was so nice to spend a mid-week morning together, just the 3 of us :) Near lunch Chris' mum came over to help with Squidge - we went to the church centre ready for mummy club a bit early and had lunch there.  Squidge usually loves mummy club, but this week he really wasn't interested, he just wanted to be away from the other babies - he wasn't the most sociable.

When we came home from mummy club, he realised that he could drag himself beyond the sofa, so he dragged himself all the way to the front door! (today he even dragged himself under his Jumperoo, all the way into the conservatory - he's SO quick with it too) :)

Friday fun
The only thing I remember about Friday was making Squidge some home-cooked food - I've been feeling a lot of guilt over the pouches I've been feeding him, and they're really expensive, so I decided to try and find the time to prepare his food myself. His second food-feed on Friday was homemade, and all his food-feed's since :)  I don't know if it's a coincidence, but each of those nights he's slept much better.  He had been spending 2 hours crying when we were trying to get him to sleep, but Friday, Sat, Sun and tonight he's fallen asleep without needing us :) That being said, I've jinxed it now, we'll have a night of hell tomorrow :P

Family pic :)
Saturday was a great day! I went off to the Celtic Manor for an afternoon/lunch watching a live cooking demo and eating some gorgeous food, with the most amazing views (more on that later in the week). During that time, the hubby took Squidge to Abergarvenny, had some food and raced back :) Then we went straight to our friends house who were laying on afternoon tea for us, it was amazing! Great tea, food and company :)  That's where the above pic was taken :)

Squidge on Sunday in the garden
Sunday was also lovely! In the morning we spent some time in the garden (only about 10 mins as the sun was very hot!), then we headed into town to go shopping with the friends we'd had afternoon tea with the day before. Chris headed off with our friend Craig, and Squidge, they did a bit of shopping and chilled out in the Cardiff Castle grounds.  My friend Vicki and I went makeup shopping :D We went to Debenhams, I picked up the new YSL foundation, and the Shocking mascara, and my friend bought some great treats too (a MAC MSF blusher in Gentle, the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, the YSL Babydoll mascara and a Chanel quad).

All in all a good but very trying week.  Earlier on in the week Squidge was just really unhappy, crying loads when we tried to put him to bed and generally unhappy.  But the last few days have been amazing :)

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