Monday, 29 June 2015

Mummy Monday #8

It's been a couple weeks since I've had time for a Mummy Monday update, so I thought I'd make sure I got one done for you today :)  It's been a great couple of weeks, so lets get started!

Tired Squidge
I don't see Squidge for much on Monday's as it's the day he goes to his grandparents (good practise for both of us ready for when I go back to work in 2 weeks - boooooo!).  I took this picture after I gave up trying to get him to nap - can you see how tired his little eyes are!?

Mummy baby
Tuesday he was hard work, it wasn't that he was constantly crying or anything, but he wanted to be held by me all the time, other than when he was being held by me, lol.  I took this at about 8am, we went to sit on the decking and a magpie caught our eye on the roof of the conservatory at the neighbours house :)

Philadelphia all over his face!
Wednesday I gave him a sandwich! It was made with unsalted butter and philadelphia and he loved it! It was chopped into finger slices and he'd basically suck a finger to get all the philly off it.  Oh my gosh was this a messy feed though - his clothes were covered in philadelphia! I also gave him some roasted sweet potato & carrot sticks - barely any of it made it's way into his mouth, most of it was squished in his hands, all over his clothes, the floor and his table :) This baby led weaning business is so messy!

Crawling with his creeper
Thursdays are mummy club, but we didn't make it there.  It was a bit of a strange apathetic day... the little man wasn't napping when he was tired, his feeds were at odd times that clashed and it was a bit of a funny day.

Broccoli all over Squidge's face
Friday was great.  I'd made him some steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrot and potato) which he loved, the broccoli was his favourite :) He loved making a mess too (you should have seen it!).  We had a badly timed visit from Purple Bricks for a valuation - he'd just finished eating and was raring to crawl around the house, but I needed to be with the estate agent, such a nightmare!

Date night

No pics of the little man from Saturday, we had SUCH a busy day! We got up, fed him twice, then headed to Barry to look at a couple houses.  After that, we came straight back home to feed him, and his Auntie was coming over to visit him.  Then his grandparents came to get him while his Auntie was still here, as he was staying with them over night (we all were).  Then a couple hours later, we went over to his grandparents to do his last feed and put him to bed. After that, we went out of our first date night since he was born :) We went to Jamie's Italian here in Cardiff, and then a place called the Bunkhouse (love it!).

Squidge eating

Mummy and Squidge
Sunday we went out for a family lunch to a nearby Beefeater.  Squidge was really tired but wouldn't nap, he was really suffering with his gums, so we gave him some Nelsons which really seemed to help.  Above is a rare picture of me and him that's not a selfie :)

New things
* He's saying dada, dad, daddy :) Not necessarily at Chris, it's just babble but sounds lovely :)
* He can proper crawl as well as commando (but he's quicker commando crawling)
* He's climbing! Well, pulling himself up on things from sitting to standing, like in his cot
* His napping schedule has changed, again! He now naps twice a day, usually for at least an hour. One nap early in the morning, and the next late afternoon.
* We're moving! Well, hopefully! We're about to put our house on the market :)
* As of today he's also climbing! Something new every day right now!

Oh and last week I also wrote a guide to Cardiff for Rugby fans and those that might prefer shopping and eating to the rugby over on the Travelodge blog if you wanted to have a read :)


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