Thursday, 9 July 2015


Family adventures

I just wanted to stick a little blog post up to say I'm having a couple of days off from the blog as we're going away for a couple of nights to one of my favourite cities, Brighton :)  In true form, the night before we go away somewhere, Squidge was awake for a good portion of the night, so the hubby and I are sleep deprived while facing a long journey, ah well :)

I have asked on Twitter a few times but didn't get any replies - if there's anywhere in Brighton you'd recommend going (other than the lanes - I'll be making a bee-line for there!) then could you please leave a comment? We're looking for places to visit and take Squidge.  We only really have 1 full day there which is tomorrow, and I'm hoping to take him to the Sea Life Centre (if that's still there?), and maybe go to a National Trust place as well as taking in some of the shops in Brighton.

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