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DEGUSTABOX | June 2015

June Degustabox

It's a little late, but today's post is about the June Degustabox.  The good thing about it being late, is that I've sampled pretty much everything in the box, so can offer a quick review with each item as well as a bit of info about the product :)  The theme for the June Degustabox is 'Picnic' - if you know me at all, you'll be able to see that I really liked this box :)  Lets take a closer look what was inside:

Brioche Pasquier - £1.70 each
There were 2 packs of brioche (NOM!) in this month's box, one was chocolate chip, and the other was filled with chocolate, that was my favourite.  Both were soft and tasting fresh, but the chocolate filled one was so incredibly tasty - I'd definitely be happy to buy these again! I loved that they were all individually wrapped too so you don't have any wastage.

Brioche from the June Degustabox

Multigrain Melba thins - £1.39
A few months ago (February) there was a box of original Melba thins inside and I do prefer these ones, the flavour is softer and in my opinion, goes better with cheese (which is what I have on them). I love that these are also individually wrapped into little packets containing about 10 thins in each wrap.

Kallo Belgian milk chocolate with caramel pieces - £1.69
Wow, these were tasty! The hubby and I made short work of them, demolishing them very quickly one evening! They're thin rice cakes, large, slathered in chocolate with lovely caramel pieces on the top - seriously yummy.

Kallo sea salt & vinegar rice cakes - £0.70p
These I only had a nibble of, unfortunately the packet had burst in the box which made them not very nice (they'd lost their crispy crunch).  The flavour was lovely, just not the texture, purely because of the packet being open.  I'd definitely pick these up again to go with some lunch :)

Cinnamon Love Chin Chin - £1.00
Despite the hubby loving cinnamon, he wasn't a fan of these.  That worked out well for me because I loved them!  It's a West African snack, they claim it crunches like a biscuit and tastes like a cake, and that's exactly what they were like! 

Food snacks from the June Degustabox

Coconom (organic coconut sugar) - £3.25
This is a strange one - it's a natural sugar from coconut (I never even knew this existed).  It's a dark sugar that smells like molasses, but doesn't have a taste as strong and isn't too sweet.  So far I've only tried it once in a bowl of porridge, it was nice, it added a gentle sweetness.  I love that this pouch is resealable too.

Coconut sugar from the June Degustabox

Coconut sugar close up

Maui & Sons Coconut water - £2.99
I'm a big fan of coconut water, it's super yummy, I usually drink vita coco but haven't had any in a while.  This is still sitting in my fridge waiting for me to crave it.  It's a big can (520ml) so I don't want to open it until I'm really thirsty :)

Zeo - £1.29 each
Not a brand I've heard of before, but lets face it, lots of brands in the Degustabox are brands that are new to lots of us.  A couple weeks ago we had a couple friends over for a board games night, I made pretty short work of both these.  They were really nice, lightly flavoured, like soda water with a hint of flavour, so very refreshing.

Vitvibe - £1.20
This was an interesting drink, blackcurrant with bits of jelly in it!  Not many calories so not too bad for you, but packed with flavour, really really nice.  The little bits of jelly were weird, but good weird, like an aloe vera drink (if you've ever had one).

Enhance - £2.49
This is currently sitting on my desk... I've used it once, and I'm afraid I won't be using it again. Not because it tastes bad (it's actually pretty nice, a very concentrated squash), but because it triggered a bit of an asthma attack in me.  Throughout my life there's been an E number that seems to trigger my asthma and I've never worked out what it is.  If I drink low calorie lemon or orange squash I get it, and I'm afraid, this also did it to me :(  

Drinks from the June Degustabox

All in all I really enjoyed this box, I preferred it to the previous month's box as it was just more to my taste.  Lots of this box was eaten/drunk very quickly which is always a sign of a good box :)  If you'd like to give Degustabox a try, I have a discount code that'll get you £3 off your first box, just enter 73CEX when you're putting your payment details in to claim the discount.
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