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Skinny Mint Detox Tea | Final Thoughts

SkinnyMint a month on
Cast your mind back a month ago and you might recall me saying I was starting a 28 day tea detox (or, teatox) from SkinnyMint.  Well a full month has passed, I've stuck to it (for the most part) and thought I'd share my thoughts with you on how I got on.

Everyone will have their own reasons for doing a detox, and different things they'd like to get out of it, whether it's more energy, weight-loss, reduced bloating etc.  Well, for me it was most definitely all about energy.  As a fairly new mummy, I find myself more tired than ever.  Yes I'm very lucky, Squidge sleeps through the night apart from when he's poorly.  He is however, very hard work when he's awake, as any baby is.  He's busy crawling and climbing everywhere, and as a result I need bags of energy. 

So for me, I was looking forward to the prospect of having a good energy boost in the mornings when I'm most sleepy, but without (hopefully) the crash that coffee gives.  The other thing I was hoping for was a reduction in bloating.  I suffer (very mildly) from IBS - lots and lots of foods give me a bad tummy, sometimes just causing bloating, and sometimes pain with it too.

The Morning Boost (you have this every morning) contains great ingredients like green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion and guarana (amongst other things) and it's 100% natural.  The Night Cleanse is made up from ginger root, orange leaves, lemongrass, senna leaves, peppermint, licorice root, hawthorn berries and psyllium husk.

Do bear in mind, it'll be most effective when drank as part of a balanced diet.

So, how was it for me?
In short, really good.  I actually find myself looking forward to drinking my Morning Boost because it really does give me a proper boost.  The way I tended to have it was I'd have a cup of normal tea first thing (about 7am) as Morning Boost is recommended to have with your breakfast, and I tend not to have breakfast that early.  Then about 8:00/8:30 I'd make myself breakfast and my Morning Boost at the same time. This would see me right through until lunch (fab!)

Then, every other night I'd drink the Night Cleanse.  While the Morning Boost tastes quite fruity, this is definitely more of a herbal drink - both taste lovely, but then I do like fruit and herbal teas. You drink this in the evening after your dinner.  Over the month I definitely feel I had less bloating, but the most marked effect was from the Morning Boost, this little gem has been fantastic. One side effect you might find with the Night Cleanse is.... well... I'm not sure how to put this delicately... I'll just say it, it might make your poop's a bit 'softer' than normal - this is completely normal for a detox so don't worry :)

Now that I'm back at work I have the packet sat on my desk, and it's helping me adjust back to working life, and keeping me awake after a bad night's sleep, while keeping my insides happy :)  I've really enjoyed doing this teatox and would happily recommend it to others - especially if you have a small baby and could do with an energy boost in the mornings but want to avoid coffee and might be bored with normal tea :)

Couple of quick tips for you - if you want, you can re-dunk the Morning Boost for another cup or two during the day, it's just not advised to have it after 5pm as it might keep you awake :)  Also, if you're not overly keen on the taste of the Night Cleanse, you could try adding some honey or a slice of lemon to it to make it more palatable :)

If you want to try the 28 day ultimate detox that I've tried, you can buy it here (it's not an affiliate link, I'm not earning commission on each link so don't worry) with free shipping :)

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