Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance

Going back about a year ago, an exciting new brand was gearing up for a big launch (which I'd been a little bit involved with), that brand is The Library of Fragrance.  It launched around the time I had Squidge, and as you can imagine, most things that happened in the world around that time passed me by.

They have a range of around 100 difference fragrances for you to pick from, each one being a single scent, so you can mix and match, layering scents to create your own unique and bespoke scent. 

There's a massive range of scent types, from floral ones like the cherry blossom one I have and honeysuckle (my favourite ever scent in anything!), to mint choc chip ice cream (food scents) & marshmallow and even scents like Playdoh!  I can imagine that'll be one you want to sniff before you buy it!  From the two scents I have, I can say that they both smell just like their name, which only makes me want the honeysuckle one more :)

They're not quite as long wearing as my normal perfume (Lacoste Touch of Pink), I tend to spritz twice a day and that'll give me a nice fragrance for the bulk of the day, so not bad at all.  Each bottle is 30ml and costs £15, so fairly priced. Each of the scents can happily be worn alone too, that's how I wear the cherry blossom one (which is such a beautiful scent). 

I think these would make a lovely collection, especially if you collect a range, so a few of the floral ones, or a few of the theme outdoors ones (i.e ocean, mountain air and salt air) and then layer them up for something really different.  I love the bottles too, they're really neat and angular which makes them really neat to organise.  All in all I've been really impressed with these and will definitely be expanding my collection!

You can find The Library of Fragrance for sale in Boots, and on their official website.
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