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DEGUSTABOX | July 2015

Well I'm so sorry this is so late! I've really tried to make sure that we'd tried all of the things in the box this time before writing up my little review, and only in the last couple of days did we have the last bits.

The July Degustabox was a decent enough one.  It hasn't blown me away, but similarly we did enjoy (between us) what was in there. So without me waffling along, here's what I had :)

Lambrini - £3.29
It's been YEARS since I've had Lambrini.  My memories of it are mostly heartburn, but enjoying the taste.  Well this is their So Strawberry version, which I can say is super duper yummy! Both the hubby and I demolished it, and it didn't give us heartburn, YAY!

Newtons Appl Fizzics - £1.20
This is an apple juice and sparkling water drink - this is one the hubby had (I'm not great with apple juice) which he really loved.  He said it was tasty and refreshing, so it's got the man stamp of approval!

Lambrini and Newtons apple juice

Tasty Little Numbers - £3.49 (each)
These were ones for the hubby too as they both had meat in them and I'm vegetarian.  He had these at the weekend and on toast.  He said they were nice, pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a 'nice' ready meal and said that he'd be happy to have them again - he also added that yes they're a bit expensive, but they were better than Sainsburys ready meals, so he said if you want a nice one, these are worth paying a little extra for :)  In our box we had the beef sausage & beans one, and the chicken tikka masala one :)

Tasty Little Numbers (ready meals)

Fru Snax - £1.25 each
These are a low calorie high taste snack (just 45 cals a pack).  They're a bit strange, but not in a bad way.  They have dried (well, dehydrated from freezing them) pieces of fruit in them, and rectangular shapes of yoghurt.  My favourite pack was the fig with cherry yoghurt melts (even Squidge liked the yoghurt melts!), the strawberry was a bit overwhelming in flavour for me!

Fru Snax

Quinola Mothergrain - Tex Mex Quinoa - £1.99
I haven't tried this yet... Squidge is too young for it and well, I keep forgetting we have it!  I love quinoa though, it's packed with protein and a good source of it for us veggies!  I love that they only take 30 seconds to heat up too.

Taking the Pea - £1.50
Now these were tasty! Think wasabi peas, but cheese and onion flavoured (yeah, weird!).  The hubby and I made short work of these!

Quinola Mothergrain and Taking the Pea

Vitamins Jele... 
Now I'm not sure this was supposed to be in the box as it's not listed on the card - however, it was in the June box (hence the confusion!) and listed as £1.20... the hubby had it in June, and I had it this time around.  I absolutely loved it, it's packed with flavour (like Ribena) but with little jelly pieces in it (think Aloe drinks), yummy!

Jele Vitamins drink

Weetabix On The Go - £1.49 each
These were interesting! I had the vanilla one, and the hubby had the chocolate one.  He really loved his, I liked mine but found it odd.  It's like a thick drinkable yoghurt.  It kept us reasonably full until lunch time (as good as having a proper breakfast) too :)

Weetabix on the go

Say Yes to No - Sour cream & Onion toasted bread chips - £1.49
In all honesty, I wasn't a fan of these.  They were packed with flavour, and the format I liked (toasted bread chips), but they just had a bit of a tang that I didn't really like.  They're not something I'd buy if I was in the shop, but I would be happy to try other flavours of these :)

Say yes to no

So there you have it, a pretty decent box, lots of things we liked and only a couple of things we weren't as fond of :)  If you'd like to try Degustabox I have a voucher code that'll give you £3 off your first box, just enter the code 73CEX when you get to the checkout to apply it.
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