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BABY | Squidge 1 year update

I almost can’t believe I’m writing this… but Squidge is now 1 year old!!!! Oh my gosh, where did the last year go? Seriously!

It’s so incredible to see how he’s developing, every day he makes me such a proud mummy, and full of amazement in all the things he can do.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life, as I have in the last year, he makes me laugh with the things he does, and says, every day :)

The weekend before his birthday we had a very small party for him.  We had a few friends over and a few family members, to celebrate him turning one.  His birthday was last Tuesday (6th), so we had the party a few days early when most people could make it.


A two week old Squidge

We’ve gone through quite a few ups and downs with his sleeping, but we’re currently in an ‘up’.  He goes to bed a little later than before, it used to be 6, but now it’s about 7pm.  We take him upstairs, sit in his nursing chair and feed him his last bottle.  After that, we give him a quick cuddle while standing by the cot, kiss him goodnight on his forehead, and put him in the cot, placing his comforter on his tummy.  It goes one of two ways.  Either he’ll get straight back up (this usually happens if he’s left quite a bit of his bottle), we’ll go straight in and give him the rest of the bottle (he literally won’t do this unless we go through this specific routine!), or he’ll fall right asleep :)

He tends to sleep through until about 6am take or leave an hour, so getting a bit less sleep than he used to (about 2 hours less).

Day naps have changed too, he now only has 2.  His first nap is about 9am and can last anything from 30 mins – 2 hours (typically about an hour).  And then an afternoon nap at about 2pm, again, anything from half an hour, to 1.5 hrs.


What is this I'm eating mummy?
He’s still a bit on the lean side.  He’s so active we really struggle to get enough food in him.  We can still see his vertebrae and ribs, so could do with having a bit more fat on him.  He eats well, but is getting fussier.  He loves eating poached or steamed fish, he can pretty much eat an entire fillet by himself! He loves feeding himself anything he can hold, like chips, roasted veg, fish fingers (he loves my homemade ones) etc J  He’s firmly on 3 square meals a day, although he never seems to have much for breakfast.  Lunch and dinner are the big meals J


In his seat and seen the cat face
We’re still teething on and off! Does it ever end?  He’s now got 6 teeth all the way through, with another 1 right there in the middle of breaking through. 


Pure excitement face
He’s officially walking by himself! He can pretty much walk across the room and will walk without encouragement just because he wants to :) He can say loads of words, but understands almost everything you say to him.  The other week when we went to pick him up from his grandparents.  His Nanna grabbed a ball of his socks, and said to him ‘Can you pass these to your mother?’.  He looked at her and the socks, took them, looked at me, and passed them to me – I was amazed!

He can say: Dat (cat – although he’s also started using ‘dat’ when he wants to know what something is called), Duck, Bruum (car), Dettle (kettle), Dada, Gandad (Grandad), Ta (thank you – although, I’m really trying to teach him thank you), Door… I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember, is that bad? :)  Oh and in the last couple of days, he's said Mama a couple of times, melts my heart!

He’s also learned some colours and shapes.  If you have a book with a cat in it (even if surrounded by other images) and you ask him to point to the cat, he’ll point right to the cat.  Similarly if you have a picture of 3 balloons (one red, one blue and one yellow) and ask him to point to the red balloon, he’ll point to it, and if you have a red balloon in the room, he’ll go and get that :)

He can communicate what he wants.  When I’m feeding him, I’ll often hold two pieces of food up, tell him what they are, and ask him to point to the one he wants, which he always does. 

He’s starting to learn to give kisses, although so far when I’ve asked him to give me a kiss, he’s sucked the end of my nose… it’s not quite the same as a kiss on the cheek, but he kinda knows, lol.


Strain face

His favourite thing to watch on the TV is definitely My Neighbour Totoro, he get’s SO excited when the intro music comes on!  He also really likes In the Night Garden, and loves Iggle Piggle :)  He loves having books read to him, his favourite is Elmer’s Friends.  He doesn’t really have a favourite toy yet, although he does love giving his IKEA kitten teddy a cuddle :)

The face he's pulling in the pic above is his fake strain, it's so funny!  If you do a fake strain to him, he copies you, but he does it properly, turning his little face red and making the sounds :P

He's also pretty adept at throwing tantrums and forgetting he's 1, not 2 - you can read more about all that on his grandmother's blog here as she blogged about all his tantrums a couple days ago.

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