Saturday, 17 October 2015

Twilight Turtle

Twilight Turtle

Something that can really help soothe a baby to sleep and give them comfort in a dark room is a night light.  When you have a baby, you'll see there's a lot of different night lights out there and it's hard to know which to choose, what will work for your baby?

A few months ago we were lucky enough to be able to try the Twilight Turtle: Starry Nightlight out on Squidge.  

The turtle has 3 different colour settings, green, blue and orange.  You can also set it so that it cycles through the different colours.  It has a hard shell on the top, with star constellations cut out so that when the light in the shell is on, it projects onto the ceiling.  The rest of the turtle is soft and squishy. It also automatically switches off after a certain amount of time, so it doesn't waste the batteries.

Twilight Turtle
Sorry for the grainy pictures, I had to take this in a darkened room so you could see!
(we did still have a lamp on in the room)

Did this help Squidge sleep?  Not exactly, but that's ok, we use it in a different way.  For us, if we put anything like that in the room when he's trying to sleep, he gets stimulated and goes mad wanting to play with it.  However, what we have found is that if he wakes up early in the morning, too early, then if we put that on, it does keep him mesmerised for 10 mins so we can get a little extra sleep.

I think it's the kind of thing that would have either helped when he was much smaller, more like a newborn, or maybe when he's older.

The twilight turtle can be bought from the Wicked Uncle online store for £29.99*.

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