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A perfect pout for the party season

There's a whole bunch of different ways you can maximise your pout ready for the party season that is almost upon us - from colourful lipsticks, to overlining, to enhancements - each different for different people, and your own preferences.

Colourful lipsticks
A great way to transform your look and potentially maximise your pout, is by experimenting with different colours.  While a classic red may look 'fuller' on one person, it might be less flattering on others, so lets have a look to see what colours are perfect for this winter.

Retro Red

You can’t go wrong with a classy red lip, but what many don’t realise, is that red comes in a variety of shades and hues.

Give your pout an update with a red lipstick with a touch of tangerine. And to make even more of a statement, why not match your lip and nail colour - a personal favourite trick of mine, it doesn't have to be exactly the same, but red & red, pink & pink etc.

Berry Burst

Whether London or Paris, Milan or New York, berry coloured lipsticks were all the rage for Autumn Winter 2015/2016. Some of the most notable mentions are: Carolina Herrera’s cranberry lips, Felder Felder’s matte berry pinks and Roksanda’s deep and indulgent wine burgundy.

For a catwalk to pavement look, why not take influence from these designers and try a statement deep Goth berry matte lipstick for a night out or a velvet dark raspberry for day wear? Pair with a simple ponytail and a natural face for rich, yet understated, glam.

Stay away from the bright and bold, such as fuchsias or magenta, as these are more summery colours.

Natural Nudes

Yeah, I don't wear many nude shades, they really don't suit me, but this one by Maybelline on the far right is pretty awesome.  And with it being matte it'll be very flattering too, and long lasting.  To give the illusion of a fuller lip, just dot a little clear lip gloss on the centre of your lips, and highlight your cupids bow - this will give the illusion of a fuller lip.  Plus, if you do wear a nude, you don't have to worry about the colour bleeding out or the lipstick looking messy when you're busy on the dance floor or sipping your cocktails.

Tantalising Tints

As much as I love lipsticks, I also love a tint, and a pale one at that!  The one of the far left in 'my pink' is probably my favourite tinted balm ever.  I absolutely love the Clarins Instant Light lip balm perfectors - they're really hydrating, they last well, and they smell amazing too (like white chocolate).

If you want something a bit more polished, maybe opt for a lip gloss instead.  In fact, what you could do is wear a lip stain (the ones that literally stain your lips and leave no residue that they were even there!) and a clear gloss over the top :)


Now, I can't say this is something I'm a particular fan of.  Lots and LOTS of women do it, and do it well, I'm not one of them.  I understand it's a good way to make the most of what you have (i.e. lining to the very outer edge of your natural lip), but I'm not a fan of creating a whole new shape of lips just by drawing them on :P

Something a little more permanent

I'll be honest here, it's not something I would personally do, but I know a lot of people in real life who would have it and I know someone who has had it done, and they look fantastic, you'd never know they'd had it done, they just looked like they had good lips and you know what, more power to them.  I think this is where spending some time researching comes in - as with any form of cosmetic alterations, be sure you're going to the right person, and not just the cheapest.

Here's some places to start your search (p.s. as I've never had it done, so I'm not 'recommending' any of these, just giving you some links to start your search - who you pick is 100% up to you and needs to be based on your own research).
Perfect Lips by Dr Rob |  Transform | The London Cosmetic Clinic | The Harley Medical Group

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