Friday, 18 March 2016

Royal Rascals Car Mirror

Baby safety mirror by Royal Rascals

Quite a while ago the hubby and I bought a car mirror. It was made by Lindham, grey coloured around the side.  We fitted it and immediately hated it - it rattled like crazy, keeping Squidge awake. It also felt really flimsy. I should have sent it back (I'd bought it on Amazon) but instead it's sat on our shelf, and will probably end up in the bin.

Baby on board sign
When I found out about the Royal Rascals mirror I was really intrigued.  Firstly, it has a yellow surround (sturdy plastic), so for the driver, when they're looking in the rear view mirror, you don't have to search around to see it, instead your eyes are immediately drawn to it, keeping your eyes on the road for the maximum amount of time.

It comes with a small 'baby on board' sign - it's not something we'll use as we're not keen on them. But handy if that's something you'd like/use - I like that it's a small innocuous one, so don't take up too much space.

The mirror is slightly concave too (only ever so slightly) which helps to make sure that the baby/toddler is in view.  What I love most about this is that it doesn't rattle, it's really solid. It was really simple to fit to the car, it strapped in over the headrest.  And what's more, Squidge loves it.  He can now see his Daddy, and see that he's not alone in the car.

We've found that he's been much calmer and I haven't had to sit in the back with him constantly. When we drove to the beach the other day, we drove a long way back which took an hour.  He would have been pretty hungry at this point, but didn't cry or moan, just giggled at us every now and then. It's really helped make the car journeys more pleasant as he's calmer and reassured.

Royal Rascals baby safety mirror

Royal Rascals logo

Daddy's view of the mirror, you can see it's not too 'in your face'.
Daddy watching Squidge sleep with the Royal Rascals mirror

This is one I took while sitting next to him while he was sleeping, awwwwww
Squidge sleeping in the car

The mirror costs £16.94 (it's on offer at the time of writing this) - only a couple ££s more than the rubbish Lindham one. For us, it's worth every penny - both Squidge and Daddy love it, and Mummy loves that it doesn't make a god awful racket!


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Wilfreds Pies - Lovely Welsh Bakes

Wilfreds pies logo

Back in January a rather exciting email landed in my inbox. A local Welsh brand called Lewis pies were launching a premium range called Wilfreds. Lewis pies was set up in 1936 by Wilfred Charles Lewis and the new range of pies focus on using prime Welsh ingredients.

Fast forward to early March, and I had a rather exciting delivery of 6 Wilfreds pies. Given that we were starting Slimming World just 3 days from taking delivery of these, we needed to nom them up quickly!

Wilfreds pies in the box

Each pie in the range has a quirky Welsh themed name, like 'The Gower Cwtch' (named after a pub in the Gower) or have a local ingredient in them like Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar, nom!

All together in the range there is:

The Saucy Cow - PGI Welsh beef steak with Gower Power ale gravy.
The Steak & Tatws - PGI Welsh beef steak in a rich gravy with chunks of British potatoes.
The Gower Cwtch - PGI Welsh beef steak with leeks and a hint of horseradish.
The Fiery Chick - British chicken in cajun spiced sauce with Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar.
The Clucking Valleys - British chicken and vegetables in gravy.
The Lamb of my Fathers - PGI Welsh Lamb and vegetables with mint, faggots and a dash of local laverbread.

All pies are in a hot water crust pastry.

You can either warm them in the oven, or in the microwave. We opted for the microwave as it was much quicker - you just need to remove the foil dish they're in. We warmed them for 2 mins each - although the instructions said 1 min should be enough.

Wilfreds pies with vegetables and mash

The important bit, how did they taste? One word, delicious! I had two clear favourites, The Gower Cwtch (the subtelty of the horseradish really made it) and The Fiery Chick (so full of flavour!). Each pie we had was lovely, the pastry was lovely and the pies had lots of filling in them. The hubby really liked The Lamb of my Fathers too (I don't like lamb, so that was earmarked for him).

You could really feel and taste the high quality ingredients. In The Gower Cwtch pie, there were really big chunks of beef in it, which fell and pulled apart with the fork, the beef was so tender.  We didn't find any gristle or anything nasty like that in them, just nice good quality ingredients and lots of yummy flavour.

This range launched on the 22nd February so keep your eyes peeled to see them in the shops! I'll come back and update where you can get them from and how much they cost once they have published a list :) 
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Tuesday Edit

In an attempt to ‘get back into blogging’ I’m going to start a series. I’d planned to start it on Sunday, and call it ‘The Sunday Edit’ with it being a bit of a review of our week, and in all honesty, that’s what it will hopefully remain as after this week, but as it’s going live on a Tuesday, I thought I’d kick it off with a ‘The Tuesday Edit’ just this one time :)

The last week has been a bit mental – we’ve had typical toddler sleepless nights, we’ve had a trip to A&E, I’ve had my 2nd nasty cold in 3 weeks, and we’ve been to the beach.


So it had been a typical Tuesday. We’d picked up Squidge from his grandparents after work, we’d headed home, had dinner and were bathing the little one.  He’d just got in the bath, when he slipped, hit his chin on the edge of the bath and bit right through his tongue :( He bit it so hard, his little tongue was embedded on his tooth and his daddy (thankfully) freed it (which wasn’t an easy task), Chris said his tongue was really stuck on there).  He screamed and cried so much (understandably). It’s something that’ll haunt both of us :/ Anyway, we called the out of hours Dr who told us to go to A&E.  I booked off the next day to comfort him and keep an eye on him – he was glued to my side and needed lots of mummy cuddles. Poor little boy :(

Slimming World

The hubby and I have started slimming world! I've done it twice before, each time losing about 4 stone, but I have a lot more to lose than that. 4 stone seems to me my 'wall' that I just can't get past. I'm determined to lose more than that this time, for Squidge's (and my) sake. We've done our first week, and my first week's weight loss was a whopping 11lbs! Hubby lost 6lbs which is amazing as he's barely overweight - that 6lbs would probably have been enough to put him back in a normal range. Lucky sod. I'll try to include in the Sunday Edit each week how we've done and share any good recipes we've tried and loved.

Ill… again

Friday (my day off – I work Monday-Thursday) I fell ill again. I still had a bit of a residual cough from the last cold (2 weeks ago) and boom, I have another cold :/ On top of that I have my seasonal cluster migraine, these tend to last between 2-5 weeks, I’m only coming up to week 1 at the moment. So Friday the little man and I didn’t get up to much as I felt so rough – the cold is all up in my glands, so giving me a really sore stiff neck.

Weekend - Ogmore by Sea

Saturday was all about doing the weekly food shop, and Chris and I feeling like zombies from being up all night with the little man for the 2nd night in a row. But Sunday was a different story. I was still ill, but feeling more human again. The weather was gorgeous (cold but really sunny), so we decided to take Squidge to the beach (Ogmore on Sea). We were only there for an hour, but he absolutely loved it! He fell over in puddles (and the sea) lots and loved it :) It’s great seeing him explore, picking up sand, dropping stones in rock pools to hear the sound of the plop, then him recreating that sound :)

It was a good week, albeit marred by feeling rough and a trip to A&E. His tongue is healing really well too

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