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Wilfreds Pies - Lovely Welsh Bakes

Wilfreds pies logo

Back in January a rather exciting email landed in my inbox. A local Welsh brand called Lewis pies were launching a premium range called Wilfreds. Lewis pies was set up in 1936 by Wilfred Charles Lewis and the new range of pies focus on using prime Welsh ingredients.

Fast forward to early March, and I had a rather exciting delivery of 6 Wilfreds pies. Given that we were starting Slimming World just 3 days from taking delivery of these, we needed to nom them up quickly!

Wilfreds pies in the box

Each pie in the range has a quirky Welsh themed name, like 'The Gower Cwtch' (named after a pub in the Gower) or have a local ingredient in them like Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar, nom!

All together in the range there is:

The Saucy Cow - PGI Welsh beef steak with Gower Power ale gravy.
The Steak & Tatws - PGI Welsh beef steak in a rich gravy with chunks of British potatoes.
The Gower Cwtch - PGI Welsh beef steak with leeks and a hint of horseradish.
The Fiery Chick - British chicken in cajun spiced sauce with Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar.
The Clucking Valleys - British chicken and vegetables in gravy.
The Lamb of my Fathers - PGI Welsh Lamb and vegetables with mint, faggots and a dash of local laverbread.

All pies are in a hot water crust pastry.

You can either warm them in the oven, or in the microwave. We opted for the microwave as it was much quicker - you just need to remove the foil dish they're in. We warmed them for 2 mins each - although the instructions said 1 min should be enough.

Wilfreds pies with vegetables and mash

The important bit, how did they taste? One word, delicious! I had two clear favourites, The Gower Cwtch (the subtelty of the horseradish really made it) and The Fiery Chick (so full of flavour!). Each pie we had was lovely, the pastry was lovely and the pies had lots of filling in them. The hubby really liked The Lamb of my Fathers too (I don't like lamb, so that was earmarked for him).

You could really feel and taste the high quality ingredients. In The Gower Cwtch pie, there were really big chunks of beef in it, which fell and pulled apart with the fork, the beef was so tender.  We didn't find any gristle or anything nasty like that in them, just nice good quality ingredients and lots of yummy flavour.

This range launched on the 22nd February so keep your eyes peeled to see them in the shops! I'll come back and update where you can get them from and how much they cost once they have published a list :) 
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