Friday, 15 April 2016

A Catholic school and a non-religious child

Squidge feeding his kitten teddy his water

As you know from my last update, we're moving.  I'm going to write a whole separate post about that nightmare, but one of the issues we are faced with, is the local primary schools.

Local to our new home are several primaries.  Most of which are only Welsh speaking, which we don't really want to send him to.  The non Welsh speaking schools don't have very good rankings, which doesn't make us keen to send him there (when he's old enough).  However, there is a Catholic school nearby which is very good.

So we feel torn.  Both the hubby and I aren't religious and we're faced with the decision of sending Squidge to a religious school for the benefit of his education. 

Both the hubby and I believed in God when we were young, it's only as we got older we stopped believing and decided it wasn't for us. So we know there's a fair chance Squidge could follow the same path regardless of the school he goes to.  And regardless of what school he does go to, he'll still be taught about religion.

We go back and forth on this, I'm happier to send Squidge to a Catholic school than the hubby is, but we both want to put Squidge's education needs first.

What would you do? Would you be open and honest to the school that you're not religious or would you lie to increase your chances on getting a placement?

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