Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Squidge | 18 month update

I almost feel a little choked up writing this, my little boy is 18 months old as of today! I miss him being a tiny baby, but I absolutely adore the little person he’s turning into. This last week he’s really started saying ‘Mummy’ (and perfectly!), he says Daddy all the time, and finally he’s started saying Nanny :)

He understands EVERYTHING we say, and I mean, everything. You can give him complex instructions, and off he goes to do it. He loves nothing more than being outside – it almost doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he just loves being outdoors – it’s all one big adventure and he wants to be part of it. He also really loves snuggling up to me and watching a film on the sofa, usually anything Studio Ghibli (the boy has good taste).

Left: Top & socks: Mothercare, Jeans: Tesco F&F. Right: Top: H&M, Trousers: John Lewis

Apart from a couple items of clothes, he’s now fully in size 18-24 months and has been transitioning for about 2 months.


He has started throwing up a bit though, which is a little concerning. Twice he’s thrown up his night bottle almost straight away – both times after feeding very well in the day (we think he was over full), and the other night he threw up a belly of pasta in his cot – we didn’t find out until we got him up in the morning (about to leave for work) and there was mulched up pasta all matted in his hair (nightmare!).  He’s got a bit of a cough again too, but other than that he’s been doing great.

I know this is a pic of a pic, but I love it all the same :)

He plays so differently these days, it’s almost hard to say what his favourite toys are.  He does keep going back to this little castle he had for Christmas, he loves opening the door and putting everything and anything in it, and playing with the little knights and horses that come with it. He likes having a quick ride about on his trike and absolutely loves being read books. He also loves feeding his stuffed animals from his sippy cup - we have little tea parties in the lounge with the stuffed animals, he loves that :) 


His speech is really improving quickly, some of the latest words (other than Mummy, Nanny etc) he’s learned are:

* Pear
* Wheel
* Owl
* Wow
* Apple
* Stuck
* Bumble Bee :)
* Thank you (which he says, often unprompted when you pass him something! Amazing!)

I have to give a special mention to the word ‘Happy’.  He doesn’t just repeat it pigeon-fashion, he says it when he’s happy.  So if something happens that he likes, if we give him something he likes, anything like that, he’ll start saying ‘happy’ again and again while he plays. So amazing.

He’s old enough to start having a go at crafts too.  He loves sticking things down and scribbling with pens and crayons.  I’m starting to do some painting with him too – I really want to nurture his creative side.  I’m very creative, from a very artistic background, whereas the hubby is very scientific and logical – I’d love for him to have a healthy balance of the two, but we’ll see :)

Squidge eating easter chocolate
Squidge eating the chocolate from the Easter egg hunt at Dyffryn Gardens

He goes a bit back and forth with food.  He’ll have weeks where he practically eats nothing, and weeks where we can’t fill him up enough.  Overall he’s pretty good, albeit fussy. He’s great with a fork and spoon, often preferring to use these over his hands. The only ‘puree’ type food is has, is the odd fruit pouch as a dessert after his dinner – he has about 1 a day, maybe 2. Sometimes if he’s struggling to eat anything, I’ll give him a pouch as it’ll often give him an appetite for his main food.

Typically he’ll eat food like pesto pasta (or plain pasta – he hates tomato sauce!), fish (cod, salmon), black Kalamata olives, raspberries, kiwi’s, orange (he LOVES blood orange!), new potatoes (the only kind I have really been successful with), broccoli.

We’re still keeping him away from foods that give him wind – peas in particular are a nightmare and usually result in a terrible night for all of us – we also steer clear of beans, onions – anything like that.

He's such a happy little boy, we really are incredibly lucky. He's so gentle and affectionate too
 - his tantrums feel like they've eased off, and if he does have them they're usually pretty short lived, and make most of their appearances when he's really tired.

All in all he's doing great and we couldn't be prouder of him :)

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