Wednesday, 7 February 2018

2018 Goals

Dot on his tummy

Initially I wasn't going to set any goals for this year, but as time went by I kept thinking of things I wanted to achieve this year, so thought it made sense to actually make and set some goals for myself. Not so much new years resolutions, but things to work towards to achieve.

The video highlights my main goals, but there's a couple extra I've thought of since I filmed that. So in addition, I'd also like to:

7. Continue to be healthy. A little while ago I decided to cut a lot of the crap out of my diet. I was having syrup in all my coffee's at home, I was having a packet of cashew nuts each day (honey roasted) which was also expensive! and I wasn't getting any exercise, oh and I was having hairbo fairly often. I've cut syrup out, no longer order cashews or haribo, and I'm out walking every day, if not multiple times a day. As a result, and also thanks to breastfeeding, I've lost about a stone in the last few weeks (half a stone in the last 2 weeks!). I've not cut everything out, I still have sugar in and on my porridge and don't measure the olive oil I use to cook with. I'll have the odd bag of haribo, but they're treats, not the norm. I'm now nearly 2 stone lighter than when I fell pregnant with Dot.

8. Commit myself to my YouTube channel. In the video above, I talk about wanting to grow my channel, but my journey has been frought with issues recently. From my MacBook not being up to the task of editing video's any more (so slow), to not being able to find the charger for my video camera, and losing the memory card for my DSLR (no auto focus though). I felt like I was being knocked down at every turn. So yesterday I've made a big investment in my channel, I've ordered a new and good vlogging camera, and an iMac for my video editing. I've also had a long chat with my hubby who is fully supporting me and will be looking after the baby more in the evenings so I can film/edit, so expect a lot more video content from me coming up and appreciate your support :) 

What goals have you set for yourself this year?
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