Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I have this thing for...

A picture of my front door, a floor I like and my bedding

You know how you see these hashtags on Instagram #IHaveThisThingForFloors and #IHaveThisThingForDoors? Well, that's me. I massively have a thing for doors, so much so when we bought our house nearly 2 years ago I spent quite a bit of money getting rid of the horrid mahogany uPVC door that was there (with the tiniest window) and updated it to a lovely light green composite door that looks very beautiful.

A picture of my front door

I also have this thing for bedding. Yep, sounds boring, but OMG I love a good duvet cover! Sad I know, but for me, I see it as a way to really dress up and refresh a room, regularly, and much more easily than painting the walls or wall papering. Most days I venture over to the supermarket opposite my house to browse their bedding (and cushions), or filling my virtual basket over on Groupon and TK Maxx with fine linens that behold a high thread count that I know will feel like the best hotel linen when I get into bed. Lets face it, the day you change your bedding over is pretty awesome, everything feels so soft and crisp. And over the years my tastes have really changed - I used to like plain colours for bedding, but now I'm really floral (getting older tastes I think!).

A picture of my bedding

Lastly, I also have this thing for floors, beautiful tiled floors, oh how I wish I could have a beautiful tiled floor in my hallway! I've had quotes for up over £2,000 to do it, and it's not exactly a big hall way - maybe one day I'll save up and get it done, I know it'd be beautiful and add value to the house. Ok maybe not 2k's worth, but it would still look fantastic :) 

A picture of some floor tiles I really like

I also have a bit of a penchant for taking pictures of floors and putting them on Instagram when I find them. In fact, you might say I have a thing for tiles more than floors. I'm already planning on having our downstairs bathroom re-done, and with pretty extravagant tiles - a nice plain white suite and of course, a beautiful floor.

What do you have a thing for?

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