Friday, 22 June 2018


A Hyundai i30 in Grey

While walking Dot home from dropping Squidge off at School this morning, the traffic next to me was moving slowly, as usual. I glanced over as I saw a car had a huge gap in front of it (the car in front had moved off, but this one hadn't) and I could see the driver (middle aged woman) staring down at her phone, she'd not noticed the traffic move. Then the car behind her, young guy, busy texting and not looking at the road, and the same went on for the 5 cars behind them. 

I cannot say this strongly enough, GET OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONE IF YOU'RE DRIVING! What Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram update is so fucking important, it's worth risking your life, and more to the point, the lives of innocent bystanders, just so you can tweet/post whatever? NONE, that's the answer, nothing is that important. It can wait until you reach your destination and turn the engine off. 

We all know using your phone while driving is dangerous, if you take a call, you're distracted - that goes for Bluetooth headsets too - the act of a phone call is a big distraction. But then we have people who are texting or posting updates and as such are driving while NOT LOOKING AT THE ROAD. Lets just let that sink in for a second shall we. Driving, in charge of a vehicle capable of killing people, and you're not even looking at the goddam road. And bear in mind, where I saw this today was by a bloody School!!!!!

Currently if you get caught using a handheld device while driving, you get a £200 fine and 6 points on your license (CU80). If you're a new driver (first 2 years of driving) that'll be enough to get your licence REVOKED. If that happens, you'll have to re-do your theory and practical test, reapply for a provisional license too, once your ban has ended. And you have to ask yourself too, could you actually live with yourself if you killed someone with your car, because you were distracted on your phone? Just take a moment to think about that. Someone actually losing their life, someone's son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father, because you were texting. It's not worth it. Do yourself a favour and keep your phone out of reach. Put it in the boot before you get in the car and you won't be tempted to check it.

Please, just put your phone away when you're driving. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Back to work

Squidge running towards the camera
You might be wondering where I've been these past couple months. It's all been a bit crazy to be honest! So about 2.5 months ago, I went for my return to work meeting. At that meeting it became apparent my old job no longer existed, so it was time for me to brush up my CV, and HR were going to try and find me a new job that matched my skills in the business (it's a big company, so this shouldn't be a stretch).

A couple weeks went by, and eventually they created a role for me, one that matched my skills well, and one there was a need for. After a couple weeks on gardening leave, I returned to work (like, 5 weeks ago now, where has that time gone?!). 

For the first 3-4 weeks, each week we had a different routine, which was unsettling for Squidge. First week I was taking him to School and heading into work late, second and third week he spent at Nanny & Grandad's and not in School (so he was at theirs early), and 4th week he started at a childminders for the first 2 hrs of the day (she gives him breakfast and takes him to School). It's taking him a while to adapt as he struggles with change, but we'll get there.

Then last week I had my driving test (OMG scariest thing I've done!) and I passed, first time! Whoop! And with only 3 minors :D That's all well and good, but OMG I'm terrified driving the family car! I've had some bad drives in it too, I'll be glad when I'm a better and more comfortable driver.

Dot has been great, he's handled the change really well. I was so worried as he's exclusively breastfed and feeds on demand (usually every 2 hrs), but he's adapted to having 4 x 2oz bottles a day really well (with sippy cups of water and/or hemp milk at food times too). If you have a formula fed baby you might find is shocking he only has 2oz, but breastfed babies only typically have 1.5oz per hour. Dot has always fed little and often. And as he's practically 10 months old now, he's losing his reliance on it too. He still feeds from me at 6am, 5:30pm, 7:30, 11:00, 2am, 4am and back to 6am, but as is typical, only for about 5 mins at a time.

I've found juggling work and home life quite challenging, hubby and I find that we don't get to sit down until about 10pm most nights. That's when I express and he plays the Xbox (every couple nights I play). What I've struggled the most with is my tiredness, I'm feeling pretty wiped out most days as I'm doing a full (hectic) day of work, driving (which is exhausting at this stage) and then I'm up half the night feeding Dot (my Fitbit tells me I'm getting an average of 4-5 hrs (interrupted) sleep a night. Not enough :/ To try and combat this I've bought myself a few nice pampering bits and bobs from The Body Shop (via Groupon to save some pennies!) - I've ordered a mango exfoliating body scrub (sounds amazing!), a pink grapefruit shower gel (I love this!) and my favourite blueberry body butter, I cannot wait to have a little relax and pamper :) 

So there you have it, life has been busy, but I'm still here :) I'm trying to vlog regularly too (although I'm failing at that too... but if you do want to watch our vlogs, you can visit my channel here).

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