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After leaving school I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Art & Design, so I went to college and found myself leaning towards Graphic Design, although my heart was more in Illustration and Fine Art.  I got in to my 1st choice uni in Cardiff (UWIC) to study Graphic Communication - this didn't go as well as I'd have liked.  I ended up leaving half way through my final year, never to return to finish it.  It's a long story, one I won't bore you with :)  At that point I realised I needed to start earning money, so I got an admin job at Legal & General where I stayed for a further 7 years until being made redundant in 2008.  It was in about 2006/2007 that I really started getting into makeup, before that I hardly wore any, and when I did it was either Urban Decay or Chanel (not much changes eh?).

After that I spent a couple of months doing unpaid work experience in different design agencies here in Cardiff, with the hope of getting a job at the end of it, sadly that didn't happen, and I started working at the local hospital in operating theatres.  Yep you heard it, slightly different from what I'd done before  :p  I actually worked in the Neuro theatre, so I got to see brains and spines for a living, all very interesting, but the job wasn't for me.  10 months later I left and started working for Admiral car insurance, on the phones!  It's funny, when I was looking for a job, I always said 'anything but call centres and sales', I ended up doing both there for a while! But now I work in digital marketing, SEO to be specific, I absolutely love my job and couldn't be happier :)

As for me, I've always loved gaming, but as I've started blogging, my time has moved from being spent playing games like World of Warcraft, Halo and The Sims, to blogging and YouTubing.  I still love gaming, but it's just not what I spend my time doing as much any more :)  I have a really varied taste in music from heavy metal (my true love) to classical music (can't beat Chopin's Raindrops - prelude in D flat major).  I love cats, and have a small black cat called Matilda - well, we're her hoomans ;)  

I'm a new vegetarian, have been for about 2 years and I don't miss meat.  If you're wondering why I gave it up, it was an ethics thing, I was never comfortable with the idea of animals dying so I can eat when there's lots of other good food out there.  Other people eating meat doesn't bother me, I just didn't want to any more :)

As for my obsession with makeup, it started when I picked up a little Urban Decay palette when I was on the ferry, it had colours I'd not really worn before, from there I started wearing Chanel, a brand I've always loved.  I started watching YouTube beauty videos, the first guru was Beechbum06, I found I'd spent an entire evening watching her videos and after a while realised that I wanted to have a go too.  The idea of filming myself and putting it out there for the world to see scared the living daylights out of me, which is why I did it.  It's been very slow progress but I love doing it, so I'll keep doing it :)  And the blog, that I started 2 months after, I'd started following Sprinkle of Glitter, and just loved her blog, how she writes and thought it was a great way for me to chat, chat, chat about makeup, so that's when I started Makeup-Pixi3.

I've recently embarked on the latest chapter of my life by starting a family, giving birth to a healthy baby boy in October 2014 (online he's known as Squidge) and more recently in August 2017 another beautiful baby boy (known online as Dot).  At the time of updating this (Jan 18) Squidge is just over 3 and Dot is 5 months old.  The time has gone SO quickly, it's nice to stop and take a deep breath and take it all in.  Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience (such an emotional rollercoaster), both the hubby and I can't believe we waited so long to meet them - the love you feel for your child is indescribable and overwhelming, he's just the most amazing thing that's ever happened to us and we really couldn't be happier :)  


Studio Ghibli films,
Polka Dots,
Owl and fox print,
Sun, Moon, Star print,
Art & painting


Rude people,

Random Facts

My dissertation I wrote for my Graphic Design degree was on Star Trek (I'm a TNG trekkie!),
I'm a published Illustrator,
I constantly struggle between being a rocker/tom boy/geek and a very girly girl :)
I'm BONKERS about stationary :D


  1. Ellow sweet cheeks...!! Yo fab, is dere any oder private way we can tawk?? I want to discuss sum stuff wid yu... It Will b very sweet of yu if yu'll give me sum precious tym of yos... As me myslf am obsessed wd make up n glamourous stuff.... :)

    1. Is this comment for real?!!!!

      I really enjoyed reading your 'about me', it's really interesting to see/read the background behind the blogger. x

    2. I know lol :p Kept it there for amusement :p Thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Hi Georgina,
    Great blog site! I am wondering if I could pick your brain...I am new to blogger and can't seem to figure out how to use a background that I created in Photoshop to upload as my background on my blogger site. I tried uploading the photoshop document (as a jpeg) to an image uploader (?) to get an HTML code to paste into the coding on my blog settings..but all it's doing is adding the image as one of my 'gadgets' and not as a backdrop. I see that you have created a wonderful heading to suit your site and would love it if you could let me in on the secret! Thanks in advance! You can email me at dicartier@hotmail.com - I would really appreciate your insight!

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  4. I see we have more in common than WoW...
    * The sims - custom content addict, my poor computer hates me for it
    * love of cats - borderline obsessive
    * ghibli!! - whisper of the heart & cat returns for obvious reasons, and arietty has to be one of my faves!

    Nice to digitally meet you! :) xx

    1. Thanks :D I've just replied to your post with a massive long list of my WoW toons :D - Yeah besotted with Ghibli :D

  5. Hi Georgina. Great blog, I'm also working in marketing and love cats. Since reading your blog I've realised we are the same age which has given me more confidence in writing my blog which is only 9 weeks old. Keep up the good work. Carly xxx

    1. Thanks Carly :) If you pop back, do leave your blog URL and I'll come and check it out :)

  6. i love your blog and i love how the UD pallet got you on to makeup, me too!! x x x

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I loved that palette! I still have it (I don't use it though, too old!) :)

  7. It's really funny in life how we end up doing things that we would never have imagined doing. I went to university to study fashion design, and I left 4 months later because I didn't think it was for me. Then because I couldn't find a job I tried running my own business, and when that didn't work I ended up doing a legal secretary course at college! But then to take a totally different direction again, I ended up getting a job as a carer and I've been doing it for over a year now. So we've got random jobs in common! Haha great blog. I'm now a follower :)

    Yazzy xx

  8. Thanks :) Life is random alright, I was only saying to the hubby at the weekend how me working in the hospital in operating theatres was so random, such a weird blip in my career, interesting though :)

  9. hello georgina love your blog, just ran into it and liked it. i just started a makeup blog and would love for you to share some tips with me on how to make it work. if you can.

  10. "I constantly struggle between being a rocker/tom boy/geek and a very girly girl :)" Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  11. Hi Georgina, Just come across your blog and am working my way through it and really enjoying it! Now following you on everything! I started a lifestyle blog just in october last year & as I'm no young spring chicken like most other bloggers out there, wasn't sure anyone would be interested,(also not too good on setting it all up either!!) but I'm giving it a go & finding yours very inspiring. Congratulations on your baby news, what a special time for you both. I look forward to following as your blog takes a slightly different direction.

    1. Aww that's really sweet of you to say Stephanie :) I'll be sure to check out your blog too :) You might be interested to know, on Twitter we have an Over 30s hashtag called #30sbloggers feel free to come and chat :)


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