Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Restaurant review - Le Bistrot Pierre, Cardiff

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I were invited to sample a 3 course meal at a new restaurant here in Cardiff, Le Bistrot Pierre.  Seeing as it's not long since we came back from France and sampled lots of fantastic French cuisine, it had a lot to live up to!

The decor inside really reminded me of 'Au Bureau' which is the restaurant we ate at every day we were in Bergerac, this was like a fancier version of that.  Our waitress was Veronica, she was super friendly and happy to go back and forth asking the kitchen if their cheese was vegetarian (I'll come back to that).  Chris had a glass of St Jean wine to go with his steak, and I opted for an orange juice and lemonade (since I can't drink at the moment due to being pregnant).

 Excuse the bad pic of me, I wasn't having a photogenic day!

My choices from the menu (baked camembert, onion tarte and gateau au miel)

They brought us some lovely seasoned olives while waiting for our starter to arrive, these were seasoned in what looks like shallot's :)

 Our starter was a sharing started or baked camembert - I've since read that pregnant women shouldn't have camembert, whoops!

onion tart
 Now on to my main, the onion tart.  Very creamy, and served with what tasted like dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables.  Now, all of this tasted phenomenal, however, due to pregnancy, I'm totally off rich food, which meant my favourite part of the meal was the vegetables :)  If it wasn't for being pregnant, the potatoes would have been demolished!

 Chris suitably demolished his meal, and a fair bit of mine :)  The chips (I can vouch for this) were amazing, really crispy on the outside, very soft in the middle, lovely!  The steak was cooked rare just as he'd asked, and he chose to have the roquefort sauce over the top, which he later regretted just because he's not that into cheese, but he wanted to try something new :)

awesome honey pudding
 This dessert was so tasty, the sauce was honey, the ice cream was ginger, and the sponge was also honey - yes this was far too rich for me, but I polished most of it off all the same :)

creme brulee
Chris' favourite dessert is creme brulee, so as soon as he saw this on the menu, it was going to be his!  He loved that it wasn't made up to be all fancy with special biscuits, fruit and a fancy flavour - he likes creme brulee nice and plain - this one was vanilla, which was delicious!

We really loved our meal here and would definitely go back there, the service was great, the ambience, the food (fantastic!), the only negative (and there's always one), was that meals marked with a green 'v' for vegetarian, didn't have vegetarian cheese in.  I'd expect anything with a green v to be 100% suitable for vegetarians and safe, and I was disappointed that this wasn't.  But obviously, I'm in a minority there :)

If you live in Cardiff, or fancy a day trip here for a free lunch, the lovely people at Le Bistrot Pierre are offering my readers the chance to win a lunch for 2 with a glass of St Jean wine, all you need to do is complete the rafflecopter widget below, making sure you follow Le Bistrot Pierre on twitter, and me.
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Monday, 14 April 2014

April Wantable makeup box

April wantable makeup box


Last week the April Wantable* makeup box landed on my doorstep, this months' box was put together by Kassie Edwardson, a fashion and beauty YouTuber.

The box features two lip products (a gentle lipstick and a highly pigmented lip creme), a creme blusher/highlighter, a Face Stockholm nail polish (actually a shade I've received before) and a set of false eyelashes.

The false eyelashes are gorgeous, really natural and subtle (I haven't tried these, just commenting on how they look), the kind of false lashes I like.  

The nail varnish is a beautiful colour, but like I mentioned, I did have this in a previous box so I would have preferred to have had a different shade, maybe I'll do a little twitter or facebook giveaway for this one? :)

The creme blusher/highlighter by La Bella Donna is beautiful, it's like a creme version of the NARS Orgasm blusher, it's got a fair punch of gold shimmer in it, so it'd ideally either work touched on top of a matte blusher just to give it a bit of va-va-voom! Or on your cheekbone above your blusher.

Next up the lipstick and lip creme, the lipstick is by a brand called Tini Beauty, it's quite a sheer but buildable soft pink shade - it's really beautiful and a perfect everyday shade.  The lip creme is Glam Natural, it comes in a lip-gloss style container with a doe-foot applicator.  It's a very thick (but not sticky) product, very well pigmented and a really beautiful colour, it's like, pink meets merlot.

Apart from Face Stockholm, I've not heard of any of these other brands before, that's something I really like about Wantable, I get introduced to new, good quality brands, they're all full size samples, and you always get at least 4.

Here's the value of all the products in the box (in US dollars)

Face Stockholm nail polish - $12
Glam Natural lip creme - $20
Cailyn false eyelashes - $10
La Bella Donna creme blush - $30
Tini Beauty lipstick - $18

Total box value = $90
Cost of box = $35

That's really great value!!  If you're interested in signing up, just head to Wantable and create an account - don't worry, they do ship to the UK :)

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

My April Birchbox

April Birchbox - makeup-pixi3

Colour Club nail varnish

theBalm cheek stain

So this is my April Birchbox and I must say, I'm pretty happy with it!  I did have my heart set on cancelling this month, but I might re-think that based on this box.  I'm glad there's no perfume samples, and I'm glad they've put some different things in there (i.e. makeup wipes).

Something Birchbox did this month that I really like too is they gave us the opportunity to pick the shade of Colour Club nail varnish we had in this months box too, I opted for 'Heirloom Pearls' which is a pretty pearlescent white shade.  Here's what was in my box all together:

TheBalm - How 'bout them Apples cheek and lip cream - £26 for the full palette
I received the shade 'pie' (love that name) which is a pretty pink shade with a hint of berry.  I love that the full size version is all 6 of the shades in one palette, what a nice idea!

Lord & Berry kohl kajal eye pencil - £10 for the full size
This little pencil is a sample size, certainly big enough to gauge whether or not you think it's a good product and want to re-purchase.  I look forward to giving this a whirl :)

Colour Club Gala's Gems nail polish - £15 for a set of 4
I haven't tried this yet so can't comment on the quality, but I do love the colour.  It's not like anything else I have in my fairly extensive collection so I'm really excited to try it out.

Yes to cucumbers facial wipes - £4.99 for the full size
Apparently these are packed with organic cucumber, they're oil-free and gently exfoliate and moisturise :)  Looking forward to trying these out since I'm back on face-wipes as a way to remove my makeup (don't worry, I cleanse after too) :)

Campos de Ibiza Almendra body milk - £16.55 for the full size
They describe this as 'spring in a tube', light and quick to absorb almond body milk to help keep your skin hydrated, sounds good to me! Looking forward to trying this too!

LIFESTYLE EXTRA - Propercorn Sweet coconut & vanilla - £0.90p for the full size
Now these I've heard a lot about in the blogging world so I'm really looking forward to trying them, I'm saving them for my next sweet craving, NOM!

All in all I'm really happy with this Birchbox, you've done well peeps over at Birchbox HQ!

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